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Congress wants 75% of Health Care Subsidized so they don’t pay for it

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Petition: Abolish the IRS

Congress passed the Health Care subsidized so they don’t have to pay for the extra expense they incurred upon America. Congress realize this ACA bill (they passed before they read) will increase the rates so much they need 75% of the cost subsidized.

Are you kidding me? They passed a bill and now they have to subsidize it?

This is proof the bill is so expensive that people in congress can’t pay for it.

A national outcry is erupting from the people. Who can pay this?

I know I am very healthy, to force me to pay for insurance to cover fat, unhealthy people is against my moral and legal rights. Let me state this in a way the libtards can understand.

If you sit on your ass and eat junk food, smoke, drink, and never exercise, then why should I pay your doctor bill? I have been to the doctor when I had a broken leg, or poison ivy, but paid for the visit with cash. This is the same thing as me having to pay your gas bill because you can’t buy your own gas. Likewise should you have to pay for the bums who sit on the street corner begging for change cause they refuse to work?

Congress passed a bill before they even read it, now they are forcing me to buy and pay for others who refuse to take care of themselves. That is not American, that is Communism.

Dems want to turn this country into a socialist nations, and red blooded Americans hate what is going on in the nations capitol. This is America, but that is changing as the liberals want to change how people go about their daily life.

When you are forced to pay for the lazy bums, fat lazy people who sit around waiting for food stamps, then we are not independent self governing people any longer. This will only further teach people that working is not normal. When the government pays you to sit on your ass and not work we will reach a point where nobody will work. What are we teaching our kids?

When congress can’t even pay for health care what does that tell you?

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