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Google and Obama Administration (BOYCOTT GOOGLE)

Obama and EricEric Schmidt, is head of a privet company that funded the Obama campaign, and was deep financial contributor. In fact he maxed out all his campaign contributions to this deleterious regime. “On election night he was in our boiler room in Chicago,” says David Plouffe.

Schmidt is selling over half his GOOGLE STOCK, you should do the same before it sinks like a rock. As more people figure out what GOOGLE is doing the more people are going to run from this company and sell their google stock.

Now we see google doing what they can to distance themselves from the #nobama regime to save face with the American people. But the damage has already been done. Google needs to be stopped and the only way to do that is BOYCOTT GOOGLE

Google can go to hell and they deserve what they get from the back door dealings they have been doing against the American people. I hope google’s stock drops through the floor and breaks down like an old double barrel shotgun.

Google should be avoided and I know how hard that can be. They have total control of the internet and searches, but their time is coming. Everything that goes up must come down, and the people will start a mass migration towards other means to get info from the internet and that will NOT include using GOOGLE.

I have email address with google and now will stop using them and find an alternate means of communication without using GOOGLE.

Google has been giving the government our information and now they are asking this administration to come out in public to denounce their role in this NSA scandal. Google has been involved for years and they only way we knew about this was from a “low level” NSA agent to busted them.

Eric Snowden was the person who spilled the beans on this corrupt regime and the NSA, and is being crucified by liberals and RINO’s alike. We have seen certain dems align them selves with republicans that has been shocking to say the least. Likewise we have seen republicans aligned with dems and this has created strange bedfellows…

When Rush Limbaugh and Al Gore agree that is shocking as hell, whats next, dogs sleeping with cats? These people agree that Snowden is a hero and I AGREE…

Google has been in bed with the Obama administration, they used their massive technology to influence the election to protect their own interest.This has turned into a war of the little people against government and corporate tech giants.

Google needs to be boycotted and avoided at all cost. We need to send google a message your political ties with this regime will not be tolerated or accepted.

Google is a democrat ran company that is aligned with the #Nobama administration, I am not going to use google any longer.

Ban google and send them a message. Google is a democratic front for the liberal agenda…

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  1. October 18, 2014 at 12:57 am

    Fuckit let the CIA monitor this, if they are patriots they will be on our side, if not they will be in the crosshair’s

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