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Judge Napolitano Calls Edwin Snowden a HERO

Judege NapIf you have any doubt about the case of Edward Snowden then you should have heard what the judge had to say about this. The judge was all over this and said Snowden was a hero.

Snowden is being accused by many as a traitor, but “they” are aligning themselves with strange bedfellows. When Bohner and Feinstein agree you know there is something going on. Bohner is a RINO and Feinstein is a liberal asshole/fascist. They want his head!!!

Even stranger is when Rush Limbaugh and Micheal Moore agree, that is when dogs start sleeping with cats…. Yikes what is going on here. They are all for Snowden.

I believe that Snowden is a hero, he left a very high paying job, living in Hawaii, living a dream job. This is a person who never completed high school, went into the military (Air Force if not mistaken), then got a cushy job with a defense contractor. He had a great life…. agreed?

So what possessed a man to give up all this? When you enter into the military you take an OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION, not to a political party or politician. Had he chosen to pursue to chain of command – as all military personnel are trained to do – what do you think would have happened? I can tell you from experience from other fellow vets that the government will cover it’s ass at all cost and your expendable at all cost.  That could be slander, demoted, disgraced, or worse KILLED. Look at Benghazi, can you smell coverup, if so that would explain why 4 AMERICANS HAD TO DIE…

Snowden was a person who is concerned that the government has expanded its reach into every facet into the lives of Americans and anyone overseas that has contact in or around the servers of the US. People are mad as hell, it’s about time the younger people of Snowden’s generation wake up a smell the coffee.

I have told many people this is how a corrupt administration obfuscates the real problem with scandal after scandal. How are you suppose to keep up with that is going on, we have so much coming out each day, the last scandal is swept under the rug.

There motto “there is nothing to see move along”, and all the sheep just keep quite and go back to their normal life, as they know it.

We are in a time where people who have acquired wealth, or at least a comfortable life refuse to say anything. People fear the government will get into their business and are scared; so they put their head in the sand so not to attract attention. That is why we are in this mess….

If you don’t peak out against this government they you are part of the problem, not the solution.

  1. Lee
    August 11, 2013 at 12:05 am

    OBUTMA needs to go and all his followers need to go with him he’s destroying our country with his Muslim brother hood and anti Christian policy’s I don’t care whom I offend any more I’m tired of all this BS today !!!!! It’s went to far I call GAME OVER!!!!!!

    • August 11, 2013 at 12:39 am

      Lee, I am so with you on this. Can you believe the dude running the Heritage deal here in Texas deleted me from the site, and said he wanted nothing else to do with me? I am not going to tone down any longer, we have bit our tongue to take the high road and what happened, we ended up in the ditch as road kill. So fuck being nice and not calling a spade a spade. If people don’t like I said NIGGER. that is their problem. Maybe they should look the fucking word up and see what it means. They may want to look up REDNECK while their at it and see that word actually debases whites, where as nigger doesn’t call out a race at all. Then again I don’t expect people to read a dictionary, since it’s easier to react unintelligently with emotion instead. Please join my blog and comment often…

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