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ACLU Files Lawsuit against Obama Administration

big brotherJust out, the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the NSA for violating civil rights.

The public has been violated by by our own government, they are suing to protect the peoples rights not to have an over-reaching long arm of this administration.

When you have a government that has no accountability for Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, HHS, DHS, and the many scandals that are coming out each day, who is in charge here?

Nobody has a clue to who is calling the shots, if you believe that you need your head examined. We have Muslims that have more rights than Americans now, WTF is that?

This is a Christian nation NOT MUSLIM. Now you see Turkey protesting against Shera Law and the Muslim way of life. They are secular, they don’t want this Muslim way of life and nor does any red blooded AMERICAN.

Of course we have a freaking MUSLIM PRESIDENT who will obfuscate the facts and hide behind his famous “leading from behind” way of doing things. That way if it goes bad he was not involved, or if it were to go well he can claim credit. What a loser.

This is America, we are proud to talk about GOD and uphold the Christian beliefs. That is who we are and will die defending this belief.


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