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The Liberal Agenda is Social Government Oppression

jackass demsWe have a government that has spun out of control, even President Kennedy said when government employees are “UNIONIZED” we have released the rains of the people to faceless bureaucrats that have their own agenda.

All these faceless people are liberal democrats that want bigger government and work to hide, oppress, chill, or silence “The People” that protest larger government. This silencing of  Tea Party groups from these agencies stem from all branches of the government, EPA, DHS, HHS, DOJ, FEMA, IRS, FEC, ICE and all those we have not found out about.

This is still going on today, it has not stopped. We the people are being forced by our own government to shut up, your rights have been stomped on by the left in a historic way. The left were forced to use our government in surreptitious ways that hide behind lawyers and plausible denial-ability.

The election was “rigged” by the unionized bureaucrats using the branches of government as tentacles to imbue a biased trail that leads directly to socialism. When the government has this amount of power to change elections, intimidate you with federal power or silence a group that opposes tyrannical government oppression, we have become a socialist nation.

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