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Lois Lerner: Was head of Federal Elections Commission before IRS Now Pleads Fifth

lois lernerLois Lerner (liberal democratic hack) is going to plead the Fifth tomorrow before a congressional hearing, so she can’t incriminate herself in any wrong doing. So that makes you wonder what is she hiding?

I hope congress will ask her about her role in the FEC Federal Elections Commission, and how she performed there before accepting a post in the IRS as chief of overseeing non-profit groups status, and why she had direct knowledge of a BOLO (be on the look out) list, yet refused to disclose knowledge to congress in prior testimony.

This is only the beginning of a bitter fight to get to the truth, for one simple reason. Once it has been discovered the Obama drama campaign was using all forms of the government to silence the opposition; then the real shame and disgrace will weld its ugly head. This unionized bureaucracy has a strangle hold on the common, free-entrepreneur man and they are in control.

If you seriously believe their has not been a CHILLING EFFECT from government agencies that specifically targeted conservatives by using the EPA, HHS, DHS, IRS, EPA, DOJ then you had better wake up.

Who knows what black ops program were/are running in the background, but you had better believe they are operating in full gear, in fact, the may be going into overdrive now as damage control contingencies; pushing up timelines to cleans the area of evidence from their departments…

We are going to see how politics plays each situation to the very core of peoples souls, by using each natural disaster to promote a political agenda, in fact you see the left already, pandering to the people of Oklahoma as victims that will need FEDERAL money to survive. I was happy to see small town republican reps on the news say “oil companies are donating millions of dollars” to help rebuild and aid the tornado victims. We are not waiting on the federal government.

In fact when I did see the head of FEMA make a statement the day after the tornado. He simple stated that they were ‘following the lead” of the local departments that were already in full cleanup mode (sounds like our fearless leader who “leads from behind”). Plus he stated the gov web site several times because we are so dependent and trusting of government.

But you can see where this is going from the left, big gov is here to help you and you must accept it, and promote it as a way of life.

Never mind that you can do this on your own and don’t need federal government assistance, after all, the government is broke, so how do they plan on paying for this so called AID…

Oh and MSNBC stop showing the tragedy of Ok and switching to “the Jersey shore” are you so eccentric, and narcissistic about New York and their story. Their is a huge difference you will not hear about from the main stream media.

Oklahoma did not vote for Obama and New york did. How do all the Sandy people feel now about bigger government and how it process you like cattle that are being lead to slaughter. The people in Ok do not want a gov handout, in fact their own senators publicly stated  they don’t want any bills passed for them that are “full of pork barrel spending” to further in-debt the nation, what a novel idea!

But Chris Christy, (R) New Jersey said we need to get a federal disaster fund and put away partisan politics; Christy is such a RINO and needs to be tossed out of the republican party, he is a political hack promoting bigger government. He needs to hold another press conference so he can pat himself on the back again. Maybe he can get another cameo with Obama around reelection time.

In fact we need to stand up and unit as a common voice that demands personal freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

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