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Obama Disgraced: David Axelrod admits he has no control…

Rush said it today, “THIS IS LIBERALISM ON FULL DISPLAY”. Look at all the blue states, they are all going broke. This is what Obama wants, but the press will say he is aloof or unable to control whats going on, he is just a by standard.

Or as Clint Eastwood would say, an empty chair.

clint-eastwoodClint Eastwood was right your my hero, Obama is an Empty Chair

Obama had to fire Steven Miller after 25 years of service. What caused a career man to throw his life long service under the bus? Did he want to please Obama, or was he a Bush appointee political hack set out to surreptitiously destroy him; that is what the left will want you to believe.

Who is going to jail is what we really what to know, and I bet more than one person is responsible…

But this only begs the question, if the president has no idea what is going on in his administration then what does he know? Obama stated he found out about the IRS on the news, well that should shock the average person. What else does he glean about “whats going on”  IN his administration from the news?

Is this what “leading from behind means”?

Even David Axelrod, his right hand man (who went out in damage control) admits “the government is so big, nobody can possibly know what is going on”. Well that only proves the Tea Party right, government is to big. The IRS should be dismantled along with the federal reserve.

The wheels are falling off the Obama train, even Jay Carney is next on the chopping block. He will jump under the bus willingly, and join Susan Rice, as a panacea to escape the White House press.

Where is Hillary Clinton? She is hiding under her desk working on her prepared future debate with congress when recalled to discuss Benghazi. She shouldn’t be worried, after all “what difference does it make” how Americans were killed. To bad the military refuses to leave fellow soldiers behind like this current administration.

Now that Eric Holder has screwed up for the 100th time, he will be ran out of town as this debacle unfolds. If the three strike rule were to apply here he would have been out years ago. But to recap, Black Panther scandal, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, and AP. That’s just what we know about.

Obama has a big problem, the more people he will toss under the bus, the greater chance one of them will turn on him and expose the corruption he has caused. When the State dept whistle-blowers come out and CIA operatives surface from the depths of undercover. What are they going to say?

To be honest, I am glad to see this going on, the more pain this country has to go through the more it will realize government is not there to serve you. They are greedy bureaucrats who serve their own purpose, and that is to control you and me at all cost. The Tea Party will grow even stronger while the democrats and government lose creditability. It is about time the bureaucrats were on the chopping block and not just fired, but prosecuted to the full extent of the law with extreme prejudice.

After all if the IRS was on your ass they will send you to jail.

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