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IRS gives Pro Publica 31 Conservative Groups INFO ILLEGALLY

IRSThe liberal democratic left wing group known as Pro-Publica was given the information by the IRS about the conservative groups to undermine these groups, even though they were in review and legally not able to give out any information while still in review, but that didn’t matter.

Pro Publica is funded by George Sorros partly. At least 31 conservative groups were given to Pro-Publica, a group of libtards, who used this info to bash republican voters all while violating federal laws.

The IRS violated these conservative groups, not to mention the law, so this scandal is going all the way to the white house.

If you are not a liberal then you are an enemy of the state, it’s sad to see this country debased into a police state that rules without regard to personal freedoms, rights, and civil liberties.

Pro-Publica is a hack left wing group that will stomp all over your rights unless you are in total agreement with them. I will never give into these groups, nor will I refuse to step in line with this regime. Impeach Obama vote now….

Read full story here:


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