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Impeach Obama: Benghazi, Oil, Guns we all were lied to.

We have plenty of jobs

We have plenty of jobs… LIAR

Obama has lied to the American people and the case for his IMPEACHMENT is growing each day.

We all know the coverup in Benghazi was a lie to protect his presidential bid to get re-elected. We are now finding out that ICE, was told to stand down in arresting illegal immigrants, and that his war on guns/oil, business and social division has crippled this country and set back progress for years with his anti-colonial beliefs.

Texas HATE this president, we have seen how the BLUE states are going broke under these policies, and will have to ask the RED states to bail them out, and we REFUSE too.

Then Obama has the audacity to visit Austin and preach to college students about business. That is a total joke, Obama hates business and oil, so he has no right to tell us how to do business.

All you RINO’s (republican in name only) like John McCain, who refuse to impeach Obama, your time is near. We don’t like you and will vote you out of office. These bureaucrats who all stand behind each other protecting their interest before the people you supposedly represent is a farce at best. Your intentions to stand by these political junkies makes you just as bad as they are.

Any republican who is not for impeaching this president is a trader to the people that elected them to office, and should be held as treason for misrepresenting themselves as who they are.

All you Yankees who voted for this president, how is that working out for you now?

Hurricane Sandy victims are you wondering where you aid money went. Well we here in Texas we know where a 80 million dollars went to. Just turn on you TV and watch the New York commercials that are now promoting lower taxes to attract new business, that is where your money went, to play commercials on TV.

How does that make you feel when your standing outside in the cold with no house?

Soon as people understand this president lied to you, used you for his agenda, then you will wake up. But that will be to late and all the people who told you it was a lie will be right. To bad you let your party blind sided you and stole your kids future, to be buried in debt with no end in sight.

Obama should be impeached and calls are growing as people find out how corrupt this administration really is.

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