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“THIS IS FOR YOU AMERICA” Best Marine Core Cadence

This has to be the most inspiring video for America.

While bureaucrats write bills that congress refuses to read. When I found out the whole congress just opted out of the ACA aka. Obamascare, (in a unanimous vote) it furthered my opinion we have runaway government.

When the bureaucrats have to “pass a bill before they read it away from the fog of controversy”. Then they are just making these laws up as they go.

The elected officials are career politicians that have lost their moral compass. Spending your way out of debt will never work, the border is wide open and the Cartel is running wild down in S. Texas, all the way up to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains Ca..

All the blue states are broke, and they are union, enough said.

Texas are tired of paying blue union states their debt, giving foreign countries money that want to kill us, so I can tell you first hand succession is still alive and well.

Higher taxes, more cameras, drones, and more tax collectors, does that sound like a police state to you?

Why are guns and ammo harder to get?

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