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Tony Gonzalez: Shows His Liberal Side on Fox News

Tony Gonzalez

I am a liberal jackass

Stuart Varney had his normal morning show on Fox Business  last week, where his guest was Tony Gonzalez a tight end for the Atlanta Falcons . One of the first things out of his mouth was how the show sounded like a bunch of republicans. That was his impression while sitting in the green room waiting for his slot to appear.

Excuse me, here is a business show reporting facts in a conservative format (which I am sure he knew very well), and when Tony Gonzalez, was asked if he liked half of his wages taken by the government his response was “well I can’t take it with me” and that he was in favor of bigger government.

Wow what a dickhead.

Since his annual salary is 3.5 million, not including endorsements, speaking events, or guest appearances. Guess he is doing fine as a millionaire even if they take half away, but what about the rest of the people that are not making millions each year? Guess they should be happy to get half their pay, after all your OK with that.

Stuart asked him about some new business he was involved in and stated that his profit would be higher if taxes and regulations were not as stringent, but Tony Gonzalez, had the liberal answer, stating how it will go to the government and use it correctly to better serve the people.

What a freaking IDIOT….

At the end of the interview Stuart was very gracious to promote his business endeavor and thanks for his time.

Tony Gonzalez, had to reply with a snarly, pinhead comment saying “Thanks Republicans”.

Well Mr. Tony Gonzalez…. your an idiot liberal, so just come out and say it so we can tune you out and watch your fan base die on the vine.

You are supported by fans from the south who believe in less government/taxes/regulations, and you are paid by their hard earned money. That you stated it’s OK, if the government takes half.

Since you are in a union and paid more money than most people will make in a life time, why don’t you give 80% of your money to the government, after all you can’t take it with you right?

Tony Gonzalez is the biggest liberal dickhead jackass that Stuart Varney has been on the show. He makes his money from hard working people and said higher taxes are good for you and me. I don’t like all these rich elite liberals telling me how fair it is to take your money, while they sit in the lap of luxury pontificating how great things are for them.

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