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Rush Limbaugh: “Obama Runs Against the Man”, Yet “Obama is the Man”

We have plenty of jobs

We have plenty of jobs

Rush is right again on Obama.

No matter what is said about Obama he will always be viewed as the person running against the man, even though he “IS” the man. Obama will go down as the Campaigner-in-Chief. This is the first person that is actually running against himself.

You can’t have growth by killing privet enterprise.

Obama talks about spending is not a problem, even as the simplest consumer knows that is not true. In fact listen to Nancy Pelosi, this idiot said outright we don’t have a spending problem?

Only in government can somebody say we have cut spending by 3% when you have built in that spending at 13% and call it a cut. This budget is projected future spending 10 years down the road, that will change with another congress, since they are not legally bound to adhere to the last budget passed by the prior congress?

Obama talks about jobs, yet they only grow in government and green energy companies that do not stimulate the economy, in fact they either leech or fail, both not positive.

The economy is flat, unemployment is going up, while the stock market runs higher. So the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer – sound familiar. So as corporations hire less people, or fire them, they are keeping more profits, so stocks go higher; is that a good thing?

Rush has only been wrong a few times but he sure has his finger on the truth as well all know it, Obama will always been seen as the greatest “LIAR” in modern history. This community organizer had had his time at running government, if this had been the privet sector, we would have fired Obama long ago.

Maybe that is why Obama has never had a job?

The damage to this economy will take years to recover from, yet only in America can it happen.

Never give up.

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