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Why is “GOLD DROPPING” in Price while Fed Prints 35 Billion a Month?

Gold Drops and thats a good sign

Gold Drops and that’s a good sign?

Why is the price of gold going down when the Federal Reserve prints 35 billion a month?

This actually defies all logic in the market as us common people know how the market works. Even Stuart Varney on Fox News Business had this as his first story on his morning show today.

So why is this happening, Eric Bolling, co-star of The Five, was on his show to give his take on why this is happening, according to him, gold has been used as a hedge against the dollar weakening, but as the dollar gets stronger gold drops. Yet that is NOT what is going on now, the fed prints money like drunken sailors, but gold still slips. The reason is the speculators are thinking the economy is getting stronger.

So why is unemployment so high and GDP at a four year low?

Well here is another shocker, the “so-called smart people” have a reason for this as well.

It seems that when more people are standing in line to get a job (aka higher unemployment) this indicates people are moving back into the job market, therefore the economy must be getting better, business are hiring and have a larger work force to pool from, and according to these people this is a positive sign?

Here is another reason that may have serious merit.

Just like the stock market waxes and wanes, so does the dollar, now imagine the powers that be sold stuff at 100 bucks, then deflates the dollar so it can be bought back for half price (or 50 cents on the dollar). This manipulation of currency is one way to cut the debt by half without having to do anything but cheat the system, or as market managers would call it “economics”.

Of course you would have to crush the economy, kill the American Dream plus the will to thrive in a depressed system, and break the back of an economic engine. Does any of this sound familiar?

Now for the even darker side of the story. The feds keep printing money, artificially stimulating the economy, buying up bonds and real estate. Once this stops, the bubble pops, shutting down the false highs the stock market has been trending at lately. When that day arrives the stock market will make huge swings up and down (this is occurring now), yet it will get even more violent, but the overall trend will move down in a radical way and very fast (after the fed bubble pops).

But then gold will make a huge swing back up reaching new highs never seen before. My guess it will be over 3K per ounce, but it will have go dip below 1200K before the huge reversal.

Best estimates are predicting a 50% drop in the stock market, by the end on 2013 or sometime in 2014. I am now leaning more towards the end of Obama term, so mid 2015 will be the real sign of this administrations run on wealth redistribution.

Nobody can predict the exact date but just wait for it once the fed runs out of ink for the printing press, and that will be a while. When the fed stops artificially pumping up the economy that is when you can expect the inevitable crash of the markets, but this is a good thing?

After the huge market correction gold will be over 2500 per ounce and the stock market crushed, even all the staple stocks that Buffet and other are buying up fast as they can. But, this will make the dollar stronger, therefore all other forms of currency will put their money into the dollar making America the best place to invest again. Plus when America exports products it will be held in higher regard/worth more money.

So, to sum it up, higher unemployment, massive government spending, and the price of gold dropping are all good signs we are on the road to recovery…. Only in America can some cogent jackass pontificate such news as good.

Here is the reality of what will occur during this time, the dollar will drop because China and Australia are getting out of the dollar. America will lose its grip as a super power until the dollar bottoms out and is devalued all Obama can. The country will be divided and the northern states will be bankrupt. God fearing, gun toting southerns will not stand for being taxed to death, nor their guns taken from them. Times will be hard for many people, the blue states will be forced to beg the federal government to bail them out. That is when they (the dems) will lean on the red states to pay for their union pensions and basic theft of their own people.

Now just released how: Cyprus Banks Agree to 3/4 of all Gold Reserves seized to accommodate Austerity Measures…

How will this effect the price of gold?

My guess it will flood the market driving the price down even further.



Well boys and girls gold cratered below 1200 on 8/26/13, and word is now that it will keep falling. The fed will not stop printing.

You will see gold fall below 1000 per oz and the bottom around 800-500 bucks solid.

That is my prediction out of all the this.

Here are a few reasons why:

Obama will never start war or pretend to engage into affairs, this way he is the by-standard, not involved, always to remain autonomous, he is more worried about his image and political pandering than be disturbed with International Politics, unless he is on vacation. His economic policies will be to crush the coal/fossil fuels business driving up the cost of living and creating government dependence, increase federal agents via FDA, EPA, IRS, DEA, FBI, enforce tighter restrictions on small business, increase corporate wealth, create a police state, and a permeate ruling class majority; all in the sake of protecting the “citizens” while stomping all over basic freedoms and liberties of  “WE THE PEOPLE”.

The FED will not stop printing money, on paper/computer screens, buying bonds, funneling the money straight to Wall Street, who in turn, drives up the market. All to make the rich even richer. We hear how well the market is doing but the common person doesn’t see it. More people are living pay check to pay check than ever before, poverty has risen to all time highs, government assistance and workers are at all time highs. This is a system that has to crash built on flawed fundamentals.

The American people are broke, therefore the value of gold is not appreciated; it’s merely a glorified, shiny trot line weight. Congress is knee deep in scandal after scandal, knowing that all the hard work they do, will never accomplish anything until Obama has left office. The Justice Dept. is under Obama thumb so no formal charges will be filed, they don’t want to know the truth. They already know what happened because they DID IT…

Jobs are hard to get, likewise the pay has never been appealing if you actually were hired. Hell, I offered to work for free for two weeks, and never was called back after an interview. But I digress. The GDP is 1.8%, not enough to sustain our economy, five states are over 150% budget in pensions to union funding. The bubble will pop sooner than people think.

The stock market wants to top out at 16-18K, it will be major movements along the way; news clips will force the market to panic dumping gold branding it non-intrinsic. Forcing the market higher.

Once gold hits bottom around 500 bucks then watch out.

It will kill the stock market, you will see a huge sell off back towards gold. That is when you know to pull the trigger, the big reversal will happen. This will be around Obamas last days in office. Obama “MONEY” will be worthless, all the credit cards (food stamp), special welfare programs, cities and large town even states go bankrupt, they will have to depend on non-union states (red states) to bail them out.People will want to (be forced to) go back to a gold standard.

History will repeat, reflect, and judge the actions of welfare redistribution and government control among free people has NEVER WORKED.

It will be ugly. Hope I’m wrong, but sure has little reason not to happen.

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  1. Lylacavanaugh
    April 13, 2013 at 11:45 pm

    My take: The Goldman’s are shorting gold now to make the economy look good and to bring gold down and dummies into the market. No one with any cents will buy it. No business around here is any good, with HIGH TO THE SKY BILLS and LOW CUSTOMER COUNT. Don’t buy their BANKSTER BULL. Those businesses aren’t making money. I ran a business 27 yrs. There is no good news any where now. Gold goes down buy more. These banks are gonna BLOW again!

    • April 14, 2013 at 4:47 pm

      Wait till the price drops even more, Cyprus just had 3/4 of their gold reserve confiscated. This will drive down gold even further as it floods the market. This will happen before Obama leaves office and gold hits 1200 bucks, then you will see a total reversal of stocks and gold will soar to 3K an ounce, this will take time to occur so only time will tell if I am right. If so then we are in a world of hurt by 2016

  2. Roger
    March 5, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    Quite a few of your points are invalid.

    “It seems that when more people are standing in line to get a job (aka higher unemployment) this indicates people are moving back into the job market, therefore the economy must be getting better, ”

    Only a percent will be employed, no one knows what percent, not improving.

    “50% drop in the stock market and gold, by the end on 2013 or sometime in 2014 will make the dollar stronger”

    Is anyone else not getting this?

    Why would the price of gold drop in a bear market when gold is a hedge. Dollar depends on the stock market to preserve its purchasing power. No one wants dollar if they don’t want the products in the USA .

    • March 6, 2013 at 3:29 am

      So if you read my post you recall this is not my logic about unemployment right? You are correct in the fact gold is a hedge against the dollar, so why is the dollar getting more traction (stock market busting new highs), the fed is pumping up the economy, and gold remained almost neutral gaining 2 bucks today. As far as my personal view how things will play out are simple. Gold will drop to around 1200 bucks, then the economy will have absorbed all of Obama care and the real pain will take effect. Many economist say the stock market will bust but it will take a while to mature, figure around 2014. The corrections and shift of big banks will take out huge moves on gold and go long, they have been selling shorts for a long time and are just now cashing in on those positions. Once that happens the market will jump out of stocks as fast and they are migrating towards it now and the gold rush will be on to drive the price up towards 2500 bucks. All the while stocks take a huge beating and the market hit rock bottom like 08, this will cash in on all the shorts that will begin appearing in the market as the price gets driven up by the fed. And you think this is not planned by the big boys?

  1. April 14, 2013 at 8:36 pm
  2. February 21, 2013 at 3:58 am

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