America is dying as WE know it.

America is dying as WE know it.

Reports are coming out how the transformation of America is coming faster than you can count your paycheck. The gun control is out and we will see Obama will use Executive Order to get control of your guns.

Cops, TSA, and the military are training for “riot control” so they can use this as a means to get the “crazy GUN ADVOCATE people” in check.

Food stamps are out of control, 1 in 4 children are getting some forms of government assistance. Food riots are poised to take place once they have everybody on this program.

Health care (aka Obama care) will put people on government programs that will be doled out when, or if, they think you need it. When you have the Food and Drug Agency in control of these two items you have the public by the balls.

Congress has been complaisant, both republicans and democrats have been colluding on this. The “fiscal cliff” was talked about for months, yet nothing was done in the peoples favor. Money is about to change if Jack Lou become Treasury Secretary, will be signing the dollar bills, and it looks like a slinky stretched out sideways. Just something to watch for.

It’s estimated 200 billion will be taken out of the privet sector by tax increases. Just look at your pay checks, they have been reduced by 2% off the top and the dems want to take more. The dollar is expected to crash to verify this watch the price of precious metals, when they go down this will trigger the start of a collapse. Guess what they have been declining over the past 4 weeks now despite annalist predictions when the dollar falls gold rises. Yet this has not been happening and people like Varney are awe struck why this adverse effect is occurring?

Unemployment is still high and just reported 371K people filed for benefits, in this so called recovery. That number was higher than expected by the way. We are spending more on social programs than ever before, the more people are on government assistance you will see more demand for government intervention so people are not starving.

Gas is on the rise, this is another part of the puzzle to break America, they have to create a crisis in order to have the left scream we need more government to take care of us. All these pundits claiming things are fine do this to calm the low information voter. They are even infiltrating chat rooms or other internet forums to debase people or make them look foolish, but these hacks that want to confuse you about what is true. The Lame Stream Media lies to your face and call it NEWS, this is why Fox News and the Internet Bloggers are changing the way we are informed, thank GOD we are able to get news from other sources…

America is changing and Valery Jarrett, is just one of the puppet masters controlling Obama to get this transformation under way.

Our kids will never know what the “Land of the Free” really means unless we take a stand and protect our rights that are God Given.

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