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Congress Rolls Over for Tax Hikes and more Spending

Lets all go off the cliff

Lets all go off the cliff

Congress cheats playing a game they lost on.

Taxes will go up and the right wing let it happen, so now we look more like Greece.

When does it make since that taxes go up and the stock market rallies? This is a screwed up time when the market runs on sound bites, that shows we are in flux with reality.

The next big fight will be on the “debt ceiling” so the GOP is holding it’s powder to have that fight. Now the GOP rolled over on the “fiscal cliff” so do we really trust they will not not do the same on the debt?

It’s time to vote out all GOP candidates that are in name only aka. RINO’s. If not we can expect more of the same thing. If you can’t stand for principles then what do you stand for, your job? The GOP has to accept taking the blame to do the right thing. This is like a parent that will not spank a unruly child, they just want to talk about it and that never works..

Higher taxes and more spending, that is what Obama wants.

The GOP has to stop rolling over and caving.

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  1. January 4, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    The tan man got his job back, looks like he had to TAKE the gavel from Mrs. Permasmile and run her off the freaking stage. She sure did give plenty of thanks to GOD, more than I have ever heard a dem say at anytime before and just didn’t want to shut up and get gone. Guess she knows America was watching this and had to upstage everyone while she was in the lime light. Now Boner will let Congress work it’s will, guess the backdoor deals was more than he could handle, not to mention was burying his ass in political suicide going against the will of the people.

    I am pissed this congress is rolling over, people don’t want to look bad and worried about their career. Well guess what you assholes, you were not hired to look good, your job is to get shit done. I don’t want to be friends I want this country fixed. If you jerks can’t do that then your fired. Just get out for the way and let an ugly person get the job done, I can be friends with a person who will do what is right and not worry about their JOB…

  2. January 2, 2013 at 10:06 pm

    Boehner won. baraka won. Real American Conservative tax payers LOST. We will keep losing until we get rid of these establishment elitist RINO’s.

    And now the Hawaii vacation bill to US, the TAXPAYERS, is a total of $7 MILLION. It is good to be a preezie with a weak opposition. The democrats also raised the tax on a man who actually marries the mother of his children, furthering the destruction of the family!

    See evil for what it is when it is right in front of you. On both sides of the aisle. There WILL be a debt ceiling expansion. The GOP as currently figured, thrives on salt-peter. Funny that it is run by a boehner…

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