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Think “Food Prices” are high now wait till you hear this GMO fact



I have been involved with agriculture for many years talking with farmers and ranchers, in Texas we have had serious fires and droughts that have crippled, if not destroyed this business, yet that is not the half of it.

I watched a Dr. Mercola interview with a scientist one day (lost the link) and they were talking about GMO foods. Most people that know anything about this subject know how deleterious these foods are, but here is another problem nobody is talking about.

A super virus has spawned from GMO byproducts, have crept into the food chain. This new virus is much smaller than a normal virus, therefore had not been detected for a long time. How they actually found it was very simple and scary.

Ranchers have been having a problem with livestock reproducing, in fact, there is such an alarming rate the stock is going sterile, or aborting the fetus all together, they had called in the local vets to find out what is going on. The vets had no clue about it, so they called some scientist to investigate this serious decline in reproduction.

This is where the story gets weird.

The virus they found was so small is was infecting the virus that normally infects an animal and it killed that virus, but it would also destroy the cell is was a host on. So now you have a virus that has never been seen before, that has no know cure, and is sterilizing livestock in mass numbers.

Here is where is gets really spooky – this can be transmitted to humans…

Just think about this, GMO has been used by so many farmers now it has permanently destroyed heirloom seeds as we know them. You can still buy these seeds but they are much more expensive then they should be. Not only that but just about all crops that are staple foods are GMO, you can thank Monsanto for this.

Ever heard of terminator seeds? Just ask people in India, they were committing suicide by the thousands because they bought these Monsanto seeds, and went to grow their crops. Then the plant grew to about 50% of total maturity they died, (they had a GMO malfunction oooppps) leaving the farmer to face a huge debt that they would be unable to pay since their crops never went to market, so the killed themselves instead of facing the corporate money grubbing rapacious bastards to take their land to cover the seed cost.

If you think food prices are high now, just wait till more GMO super viruses are told to the public…..

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