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David Gregory under investigation by DC Cops for gun clip display on Sunday Show

I am above the law. Just do as I say not as I do.

I am above the law. Just do as I say not as I do.

David Gregory, the jerk of NBC, or as I commonly referred to as LSD or whatever floats your boat. Is now under investigation by the DC police for his carrying and displaying a semi-automatic clip on his Sunday show Meet the Mess. Now the police are investigating to find out if this gun clip was authentic, if so then they will have legal action to charge him with a crime of owning or displaying this illegal contraband…

Not like Gregory can refute this since he was waving it on National TV on his Sunday Show… hahaha what a dipshit. 

This is poetic justice, a gun hating jerk wanted to show the head of the NRA how dangerous semi-automatic weapons were to average citizens.

Well guess his producers forgot to inform this jackass that it was against the law to own or carry any part of a semi-automatic weapon in the city limits of Washington DC…opps.

I love it and you can bet this will not be reported in the lame stream media.

I say fine the hell out of him and report his actions to everyone that the media is not above the law..

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  1. December 26, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    His kids go to the same school as baraka’s which is secured by 11 gun toting security guards, and supplemented by Secret Service (SS) protection for the (alleged) baraka spawns. I’m trying to research the last time Sidwell Friends was shot up by a criminal with an illegal weapon and breaking every “gun control” law in the land.

    FIRST: NBC contacted the local police department and asked if it would be allowed to wave the magazine around on the air.

    SECOND: Police response was, NEGATIVE. It is against the law to possess that magazine.

    THIRD: The DC police SHOULD HAVE BEEN SUSPECT as they were contacted IN ADVANCE of a CRIME! They must have been busy inspecting donut shops instead. I guess that is why the bad guys don’t bother calling the cops before they commit crimes!

    FOURTH: The PERP aka David Gregory BROKE THE LAW AND DISOBEYED POLICE ORDERS! There should have been a DC cop there on “suspicion” of a crime! But, they preferred to act stupidly!

    FIFTH: And MOST IMPORTANT> WHERE DID HE GET THE MAGAZINE FROM to smuggle on to the set? He is also guilty of trafficking illegal weapons!

    Sign the petition. Make the criminal answer to the laws he demands on “gun control!”

    • December 27, 2012 at 2:20 am

      I signed that the other day brother,, Im all over it

      • December 27, 2012 at 6:30 pm

        Excellent. I also hope that anyone else who reads this blog will do the same. The holy grail of liberalism is the defeat of the Second Amendment and they will never let a crisis like this go to waste in their effort to demonize firearms and those that own them. Now some newspaper published the names and addresses of LEGAL gun permit holders in an attempt to demonize LAW ABIDING citizens! Because of this past election, there will be a full court press by the obamanauts to get rid of our ability to defend ourselves from GOVERNMENT!

        That paper never published the names and addresses of convicted felons, sexual predators, or DUI convictions. Now please, somebody tell me there is no biases liberal agenda at work here.

        Meanwhile ANOTHER crazy humanist killed his sister and set the house on fire in an effort to burn down his neighborhood and to kill as many first responders he could. Using a Bushmaster AR-15 he was breaking the law to possess. Why hasn’t the media droned on about this killing as they did Newtown?

        Did Brian Ross do a quick googoo search and find a David Gregory affiliated with the TEA Party? (*CHUCKLES*)

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