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Women are turning Men into Wimps Let the NRA Speak Out on the Truth About Guns

factsNRA needs to speak out about gun control; this is according to Bill Harlow, public relations expert. The NRA said “it would make meaningful contribution to this matter”. His take was to address the mental health aspect. The media would like to attack the spokesperson of the NRA, so that person would have to be prepared. Wayne LaPierre spokes person for the NRA, also address the media about dangerous videos games, he lambasted the liberal media for not addressing the problems associated movies and rap movies equating it to pornographer. Protesters who stood up chanting “the NRA has blood in its hands” proves the libtards want to shove their views down your throats, naturally these women  who protested obfuscated the facts; guns don’t kill and men will kill people who are killing kids with guns.

Lapierre calls on Congress to put “Armed Security In All Schools…NOW”.

If you listen to all the news people the women want all assault guns banned, even on Fox they are saying this. Assault guns are not the problem; we all know mental health is the issue, so why do the women want to feminize the public? Look what happens when a school is run by women only. A sick 20 year old male can blow all of them away and they can’t stop him. You don’t need a study for that, it’s a fact.. Men are the dominate species.

Men are the stronger of the species, yet women are doing all they can to beat men down to be pacifist. This is truly disturbing and wrong. We now have terms like “gender bender” and “gender equal”, what the hell is going on? So we want boys to act like girls? You hear news anchors saying “I talked to my wife or daughters for advice”, so who freaking cares what a woman has to say about what a man should be, they are not men. Not to mention a real man wouldn’t cave into a women’s demands if the men are right.

God made women from the rib of a man, they were put on earth to serve man and be his better half. When women run the house the man has conceded his domain as the head of the house, this is not what God intended. Guess that’s what happens when you take God out of schools, government, courts and whatever else religion can be banned from. Spare the rod has been replaced with time out in your room or we need to talk BS. This is total bullshit, we need to have the right to spank our kids and make them face a strong male role model that will build character.

Women need to back the hell up and tap the brakes, men are not suppose to be like women, nor should they expect to be. Treating men like women is hurting our race, more people are backing down from what they believe in and who they should be. Just think if this was 60 years ago and we had to fight another world war, do you think we can win? I bet more men would break down in the field under stress or duress than ever before. Men are not as strong as they use to be, the hunter mentality has been replaced with counselors or therapist.

Men have to cater the the new motto “happy wife happy life”, SERIOUSLY… if you state you mind and the woman doesn’t agree your suppose to suffer, kiss my ass you power hungry fem-a-natzi? If you panty waste men want to suck on the hind teat that’s your deal but stay away from men and my boys. You cowards are teaching other men how to cave and not stand up for your rights….pathetic losers.

The next time you hear the liberal press or news people saw we need to ban assault guns check to see if they are women or men disguised as women. Women can’t beat up a man, they are not stronger, and they will not kill as fast or quickly as a man will. The fear of men has been replaced with mediation. What the hell is that? If women don’t like men they are going to have a problem being a woman in reality, it still takes a man to impregnate them, until they can do that themselves they are always going to be second. Yes it’s the balls that runs the world and women will never have that ability, guess that pisses them off.. To bad BITCHES, we men can always find other women from other countries that will not try to run our house. That’s what I am going to do, American women have lost their minds and want to run off with your boys, go for it, and they will come back one day when they have to deal with your fellow sisters.

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  1. May 1, 2014 at 8:34 pm

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  2. December 27, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    Hmmm. I was always taught, during my brief internment in the public screwel system, that man evolved. Early man was always described as a “hunter-gatherer” in the human role of existence. Come to think of it, I was also told that men were Neanderthals… and you know what? The leftist feminazis still consider all men to be Neanderthals! Go figure.It was the role of the hunter-gatherers to PROVIDE for the clan. Their women and children. And to protect them.

    So the liberals set out to do social experimentation on helpless children. Targeting the boys. No more recess in school. BOYS NEED RECESS TO RUN AROUND and be BOYS. They made boys play with dolls and forbade any natural desire to play cops and robbers. Demonizing the gun something most if not all boys like to play with in the form of sticks, fingers, cap guns, etc…

    Then there was a spike in ADHD and all of it’s derivatives. Simply because the highly educated among us couldn’t understand, and the males in that group (especially) FORGOT what is is like to be a little boy! They turned to mind altering drugs for a developing young skull full of mush. And they are continuously brainwashing them that homosexuality is ok and that they should feel free to experiment. Yet when a little boy harmlessly kisses a little girl on the cheek at 6 or 7 years old, he faces sexual harassment charges and sex offender registration!


    John Wayne and his equivalent role models for boys were replaced with neutered men like Alan Harper on 2 and a half men where Alan is a sniveling liberal coward run around by is ex-wife. All men on TV today are portrayed as weak and cowering.

    That is what is wrong with this society. And as the socialists, communists, fascists, etc have declared… They will destroy America from the inside. This is merely one effort on the front lines being waged by hollyweird an socialist, secular humanist, screwel systems.

    • December 27, 2012 at 8:21 pm

      You hit the nail on the head. When I was growing up there wasn’t a word “gender neutral”, what the hell is that anyways? Sounds like they want boys to grow up like girls, or even worse, be girls. That is why Rush pulled out some study that a mans penis is shrinking, just a scientific fact. Men are not allowed to be men and if you do a lawsuit follows if you ask a girl out or be forward. This is a sick world that’s only getting sicker.

  1. December 25, 2012 at 4:01 pm

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