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Gun Sales Soar and NRA gets 8K NEW members a day “GOD BLESS the NRA”

I'm Rich and your Stupid

Morgan says I’m Rich and your Stupid

Piers Morgan from CNN was excoriated today on Stuart Varney on Fox Business, Varney said Morgan has no right to call Americans “UNBELIEVABLY STUPID” when a person is standing up for gun rights, since Morgan is not American and he makes a ton of money here in his host country.

The latest poll shows only 27% of Americans believe gun control will help with a mass shooting and 47% believe mental health is the root cause and only 20% believe you can stop another travesty.

This is the problem with foreigners that come to this country, they want us to change our ways, yet they fled their country to come here were we are free. So why is this? If they love their country so much and how things were done then they should move back there. We didn’t ask them to come here, they chose to come here. I was talking to a person yesterday who is from Africa, he said you should love Obama and the dems since I was poor, Obama’s plan will benefit me. I said that is the wrong way to think, we don’t want to be poor, we strive to be rich and successful. You came from a place where the government pays everybody’s bills, but your dependent upon the gov for everything.

We had to break in the topic so we could go to work, when I last left him I said he should tune into this station where Rush Limbaugh is on and listen to him if you want to learn about this country, if not your not open minded. Don’t let people tell you how you should live your life or how this country should be. America was founded on two basic principles, taxes and religious persecution, and both are under assault as we see it.  

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  1. December 20, 2012 at 3:24 pm

    Unfortunately, these people probably didn’t vote, which led to the evil we are staring down now. Morgan is a leech. He enjoys the spoils of capitalism (provided by the liberal left mind you), while he extols and pines for you to be subject to socialism. He and his ilk will dictate what you can or cannot do. While backed by security armed with AUTOMATIC weapons.

    Good for the NRA memberships and all that feel good crap. I’m with the millions buying more weapons and more ammo. When this marxist makes his move, I will be a proud, multiple illegal gun owner. My Constitutional Rights will become MY RESPONSIBILITY to uphold, so help me God.

    • December 20, 2012 at 3:47 pm

      Right On Brother I am going to buy me an AR15 and AK47 with my next check, and so many bullets you’ll think I am going to take over a small country. Don’t tell me I can buy a gun, that is my right, and when the gov comes to take them away I guess I will be a grave statistic..

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