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Mental Health Care Facts: Taking “ALL” guns away will not solve these problems

Mental Health - I don't have a problem

Mental Health – I don’t have a problem

These are the fact about mental health care and the cost associated with it. Our society has ignored how insurance companies gouged doctors and patients and drove up to cost of health care today. Now the tab will be picked up by the tax payer, which means you and me in the form of Obama Care.

About 25 years ago the government spent 2 billion dollars on health care assistance, today that has increased to 30 billion, mainly on pharmaceuticals’. Someone is getting rich at this game at the expense of average Americans.

It’s estimated 20% of American have been diagnosed with mental health disorders, which is about 60 million people, out of that 16 million get some form of help.

The other 66% of people refuse help for some reason or another. As a free society we can’t make these people take a pill, nor would I make them if I were king. So what do you do with these people?

Now I have a few suggestions, first doctors need to stop giving kids pills to cure ADD and all these other forms of so called “hyperkids” and get back to some basics. I don’t agree with all the drugs even given to adults but they are grown and that is their choice. Kids are still growing and the end results of massive amounts of drugs have not be discovered, nor will they be done for years.

Next adults need to accept they need help and seek ways to control their problems, either with drugs or diet and exercise. I would choose the latter first before just prescribing a battery of drugs and changing them by process of elimination.

Next we need to fix the economy and get back on track, people are stressing harder, the brain is complex, we have to have some good times or else our emotions will overcome or consume our good nature. That translate into having good moods or emotions.

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