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How can White Men be a majority if Women outnumber men?

Women outnumber Men so stop crying about being the minority

Women outnumber Men so stop crying about being the minority

I must be confused? How can the white man be the majority if women out number men? Mexicans and blacks are almost equal if not more than equal than whitey in number and especially in rights. Yet when I hear the news it’s all about the minority’s that are fighting the system (aka. the white man).

I am a white male in my 40’s and I can tell you I sure as hell don’t feel like the majority, in fact, I feel like I am the minority. So what gives here? I don’t run around telling other white guys we are number one and we have to stick together so we can keep other people down. I don’t get food stamps or any government handout. Never have and God willing never will. I am old school that believes you have to earn your keep and go out there and slay your dragon, don’t wait for others to do it for you. I worked my ass off only to watch this economy collapse and take it all away. But I don’t cry, or get on some social program, I dust my ass off and go back for another round. Life is hard, very hard, so buck up and shut up. I could tell you plenty of crap how bad I have it but will not give you the pleasure to know my pain, it’s mine to bear so I keep it to myself. You should try it yourself……… basically just shut up and do your best each day, they are numbered ya know.

I can tell you it feels like people are bagging on me/us for no freaking reason what so ever. I have always lived by one rule and it’s very simple, even biblical. In fact I was talking to this older fellow a while back he had a question for me. I think he thought I was going to be stumped when he asked me, but I gave him this simple answer. I was living in California and there are not many churches out there like here, and people that I met didn’t know the bible all that well. I can’t quote scripture but I do know the stories.

Anyway this guy asked me a question and said “name one thing that you preach that you actually do”?

I said that is easy, he looked at me with a very inquisitive look, and then I said.

“Treat others like you want to be treated”…

He shook his head and said you are the first person that could answer that question. I said you act surprised I could answer that, and I didn’t even hesitate when I said it. That is something that I have lived by…. to a fault even.

So how about everyone get off this crap about minorities are kept down and poor me BS. Just be a person, not a race, creed or color and treat others like you want to be treated?

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