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Did “Connecticut Senate” Cut Health Care Bill that could have Prevented Massacre

Gun Control is not letting someone get your guns

Gun Control is not letting someone get “AT” your guns: Score This Liberals

This was something I read on Breitbart:

A troubling revelation has broken regarding a mental health bill recently defeated in Connecticut during this calendar year. Had it passed, that bill could have possibly taken Adam Lanza off the streets so he would not have been free to commit his heinous act on December 14.

In February 2012, Connecticut Senate Bill 452 (SB452) was put forward to remedy the fact that Connecticut was one of less than ten states in the U.S. to lack an “assisted outpatient treatment” (AOT) law.

But the bill was passed to Connecticut’s Joint Committee on Judiciary in March, where it quietly faded away because of opposition by those who viewed it as “egregious” and “outrageously discriminatory.”

Had this law passed, it may have forced Adam Lanza to be treated for his alleged mental illness instead of allowing him to roam free, and ultimately to kill 26 persons and himself in a vindictive rage on Friday.

Although there is some variation, the way these laws work in other states is simple: AOT laws preempt older statutes that only allow the mentally ill to be forcibly institutionalized for treatment if they’ve done harm to themselves or others.  This is possible because AOT laws allow a state to institutionalize a mentally ill person for treatment if the state has reason to suspect such institutionalization will prevent the individual from doing harm to self or others.

Why didn’t the legislation pass? Because the ACLU and other “civil liberties” groups and individuals cried foul. The ACLU in particular said 452 would “infringe on patients’ privacy rights by expanding [the circle of] who can medicate individuals without their consent.” They also said it infringed on patient rights by reducing the number of doctors’ opinions necessary to commit someone to institutionalization.

To be clear, no one can know that the passage of SB452 would have stopped Lanza for sure, as there’s no guarantee a doctor or mental specialist would have seen the warning signs in time to institutionalize him for treatment.

However, it is worth noting that proponents of SB452 had the prevention of situations like Friday’s shooting in mind when they tried to provide Connecticut residents with another layer of protection from the mentally ill (and criminal).

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  1. December 19, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    Prove that Adam Lanza was mentally ill. So far we have only a few statements by his brother and acquaintances to go on that he had a personality disorder (very difficult to “treat” esp against someone’s will) and was painfully shy and “odd”. Maybe he had a touch of Asperger’s or maybe not, but nowhere have i ever read that any form of autism was associated with an increased risk for violence. So precisely what would you have had Lanza treated for, and how? Medications are notoriously ineffective in personality disorders. So, would you have forced him into a hospital – for what treatment and on what basis? Shyness and lack of eye contact are neither pathognomonic of any illness nor criminally pathological. I am sorry but until or unless real evidence appears that proves that Lanza indeed suffered from active and serious MI, there is no way that AOT or IOC would or could have stopped his rampage.

    • December 20, 2012 at 3:13 am

      Well said

    • December 20, 2012 at 3:14 am

      If you would like to guest post on this site let me know so I can set you up an account. Thanks for commenting on this site…

  2. December 18, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    Yes, the liberals killed it. Pun intended. Second, liberals defunded state and local mental hospitals because of political correctness and the stigma that was perceived by the liberal community.

    So what are the liberal democrats proposing now with establishment republican support?

    MENTAL HEALTH STATUS PROFILING! I thought liberals HATED profiling! Or do they just love terrorists?

    In Rhode Island, the politicians are trying to free the “Thrill Killer” 20 years early from his sentence for a heinous crime, and at the same time, they are crying that “someone should have known” in Connecticut! We know what the Thrill Killer did, and now the politicians want to DISARM us should he come a knockin’ after they free him!

    My AR-15 has less confirmed kills than Ted Kennedy. When Skakel, a Kennedy Klansman killed a little girl with a golf club, the liberals didn’t seek to ban the Kennedy family, or golf clubs. Instead, they praised the murderers.

    NOTHING would have stopped this murderer’s intent in a zero tolerance liberal gun free zone. Had a lawful gun owner disobeyed the law by dropping off lunch to a child before the incident and shot the murderer, the legal gun owner would be in jail right now. That is liberal ideology for you. Look no further than the auto zone debacle. They would rather pay out in wrongful death insurance than allow a employee to save the life of another employee!

    So, if we go to profiling…. Just remember, “LIBERALISM ISA MENTAL DISORDER!”

    • December 19, 2012 at 12:54 am

      I find that shocking, Thrill Killer, shit I never heard of that jackass. I do know there was a group called Thrill Kill Cult, wonder if that is where they got the name?

      Liberals are so stupid… I have never know one that could hold a plausible conversation that didn’t sound specious.

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