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Nancy Lanza (Allens Mother) was a Survivalist and Hunter “Fox News Reports”

Nancy Lanza is Pro Gun

Nancy Lanza is Pro Gun

Nancy Lanza, is reported to be a survivalist and love shooting guns. She believed the world was in terrible turmoil and wanted to be protected with her right to have guns. As people here were speculating her son, Allen, asked her to buy these guns is a farce. Nancy wanted to have these guns and enjoyed taking her boys out to practice shooting. It was even reported by Fox, she would hunt with a falcon to scare up birds so she could shot them. Nancy was a survivalist, she loved her guns, even her assault rifle…

Now that the left wing media has politicized this to the point than is not just ridiculous but also offensive. Now the big push to ban assault weapons is all over the news, including large clips, drums, magazines. How dare the left obfuscate the facts this woman was having a hard time with her troubled child.

Allen was not falling through the cracks, in fact he had a school counselor assigned to him, he was actually so troubled that people feared something would happen to him or he would hurt himself.

People like Morgan Freeman (who I can’t stand anymore and refuse to watch his movies, along with so many other left wing actors), came out and told people to turn off Fox News. His rant was that the media was talking about the killer and not the victims. Well Morgan, I will not turn off Fox News and I will not watch the liberal media. You left wing nuts will say anything to get people to stop watching Fox News, even during a massacre like this

If you feel the same good for you, stay tuned because the left is on the attack.


What we all need to do is Pray for these people.

I wonder if Nancy would feel that guns were the problem? Would she want to ban guns because of her son?

We will never know the answer, yet I feel she wouldn’t want this politicized…

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  1. Tom Kennedy
    December 31, 2013 at 7:10 pm

    ALLEN?! You must be kidding me right? I am a right wing gun owner, and you are an absolute embarrassment to people like myself!

    • January 1, 2014 at 3:29 pm

      Allen was a sick person who doesn’t represent people like you or me.

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