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Finally a Doctor said “This Shooting is a Society Problem Not GUNS”

Gun Control is the ability to hit your target

Gun Control is the ability to hit your target

I was watching Fox News and finally a doctor came out and said this is a society issue, a normal person doesn’t wake up in the morning, shot his mother in the face, then go out and kill innocent little kids…. I agree society is more caustic and desensitized in nature today.

I had said this already just the other day talking to a friend. When I was in school we never heard about a psycho taking a gun and killing other kids. Their were just as many guns back then, if not more. In fact you could drive around with guns hanging in a rack in the back of your truck. It was not uncommon the see a pickup loaded with shotguns or rifles. The one thing you know when you did see that truck, you didn’t mess with the driver because he would shot your ass.

We don’t see that anymore. Why? I can tell you the only reason we don’t drive around with guns in the back window is fear they gun will be stolen. This comes back to the root of the problem. People don’t fear the repercussions of their actions. People will steal from you and take your guns, possible using them on you.

Now with rap songs, video games, movies and even cartoons that are more violent in nature. People cuss all the time so people are more desensitized to the reality of their actions.

I also believe the lack of GOD in society has created this.

People that teach their kids gun safety respect guns, they know they can kill. People who don’t teach this have no clue what their kids think about guns, or how they can hurt or kill another person.

I truly beleive if more teachers were armed this person would have been shot before he could shoot more kids. The left don’t think that way, in fact Costas told O’Reilly he would rather crawl around on the floor instead of being armed in the Batman movie massacre in Colorado. This is scary to me. I know if I had a gun on me in that movie or school, I would shot that jackass in the face and put his ass down, he would meet his maker right then. No judge, jury or remorse. I would kill his ass just like he were a terrorist.

All the talk is Allen Lanza, was a mentally challenged person, how aware was he when he killed these kids, I would submit he was very aware of this actions. This was a planned attack… To blame mentally retarded people is a cop out. Look at all the mentally challenged kids that have never harmed another person, in fact they are usually the butt end of jokes, teased, or even taunted traumatically.

This will never be a gun issue, it will be a society issue. When the left wing nuts come screaming to take your guns, that will be the day we see more criminals shooting unarmed people. guns don’t kill people people do…

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  1. December 17, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    There was a six year old boy in Texas out in the country who shot a giant crocodile down dead with his very own personal mini child sized rifle.Here in Texas, loads of people have guns. We have a locked safe filled with guns and a glass case by the front door filled with pellet guns. They look lethal enough to shock anyone that comes to the front door.

    My neighbor has guns, all of our friends have guns. I have never known anyone personally who killed another person, even the people who have guns. Most people are emotionally stable.

    In Australia, where guns are illegal, there are gangs who go out in the street and slice each other to bits with huge swords. Sure, sword fighting is more fair, and you won’t kill as many people at a time than a gun, but get guns out of the picture, and there will be a black market for guns and only the bad guys will have guns.

    The reason that there are so many nutters is because of all the anti psychotics. People medicate their young because they just don’t believe that there is another way. The recent killer had some deep rooted emotional problems. People aren’t born like this, something happened to that guy to make him that way and he was never taught how to deal with his emotions. He had pent up emotional issues that were being drowned by medications that messed up his head even worse.

    This world is so impersonal. Everyone is always moving away, changing jobs, the stores are big and the middle schools and high schools are huge and filled with so many students that the teachers just herd them like cattle. Students aren’t treated like human beings.

    We can’t change the whole world. We can’t stop crime and violence. But we can change ourselves, and how we interact with each and every person we see. Find the good in the people that come your way, learn to cooperate and get along. Angry people are just nice people who have just had a bad day or a bad life. Don’t give up on people because it’s too frustrating. Find a way.

    And by the way, I love the sign in the front yard of that house, it must be in Seattle. People there don’t like guns.

    • December 17, 2012 at 3:08 pm

      Well said, I am in Dallas just up the road from ya, I can remember having a gun in the back window of my truck, not anymore people will steal it. God only knows what they would do afterwards, if they will steal killing is not that far off from these losers. If you want to guest post let me know I will send you access…

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