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RGIII (R) Called a “Corn Roll Brother” by black racist Rob Parker

RGIII is republican and hated by black dems

RGIII is republican and hated by black dems

Rob Parker calls RGIII a “corn roll brother”, denigrating RGIII since he is a republican and has a white finance. Here is a guy who is from Texas, graduated from Baylor University, which is a Baptist school, which is highly accredited. Yet the race card is played again by the angry left. Parker is a black guy who will call another black guy Uncle Tom to get attention, or his five seconds of fame, what a sick jerk. I guess he is not black enough for Parker, he’s just not “down with the brother”. RGIII said he doesn’t want to be defined by his race, but what he is, like MLK said.

Skip Bayless (a reporter that use to be with the Dallas Morning news, now a token white guy for MSLSD) asked about RGIII braids and what does that say to you, Parker said that is “urban” and he is not clean cut. So these judgmental jackass’ base his blackness on what? If they are democratic in nature only?

NBC is the worst playing the race card daily now. The left is still in campaign mode. Don’t expect it to slow down either, this is all they know. The race baiters are out in full force calling anyone that disagrees with their point a view a racist, homophobes, and haters. Their goal is to force their opinion and way of life on all of us now and if it goes against your religion.The intolerance of the left proves they are not tolerant at all, it’s just a rouse to hide who they really are. A bunch of thugs, criminals, liars, and power hungry, self serving Hypocrites…

They don’t care about your religion because they are secularist. 

The old saying goes the first one to blame a fart on someone usually is the one who farted. Just like a thief will operate the same way.

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