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Nathan Grindal: “Jesus Look-A-Like Kicked out of public game”

WWJD this is sad

WWJD this is sad when a Jesus look-a-like is persecuted

A Jesus look-alike Nathan Grindal of Oxford, Great Britain was kicked out of a public game the other day. The opposing team said the crowd was getting to excited taunting the man, and it was a huge distraction; 4000 fans began chanting “Stand up if you love Jesus”.

This is a sign of the times when a person who look like Jesus gets kicked to the curb for something as stupid as this. Jesus wasn’t killed by a king, he was killed by the people. When the King said I wash my hands and his blood is on yours, they gladly accepted and couldn’t wait to crucify this man. This is proof society is become more secular each day, Christianity is being shoved out to make room for fags and Atheist that want to shove their way of life onto you and your kids. Are we at the end of civilization as we use to know it?

Grindal, who has long hair and a beard, making him look like Jesus Christ, attended the Cash Converters Players’ Championship tournament. when the crowd turned on him. Security eventually escorted Grindal, out of the audience and took him to a location where he could watch the match via video.

Grindal said “It was distressing. I was emotionally distraught,” and “The crowd were bullying me and picking on me. It would have been OK if security hadn’t made a fuss getting me out.”

Grindal did at least get a signed program from one of the darts championship, Kim Huybrechts. A Belgian player signed it, “To Jesus. Hard luck mate.”


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