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Harry Belafonte: Wants Obama to act like a Dictator

Obama you need to act like a Dictator

Obama you need to act like a Dictator

When Harry made his comments at an Al Sharlaton, event he said that people that disagree with this president should be “thrown in jail” that took a whole new meaning to freedom of speech.

This activist wants Obama to punish people and suppress them. He also said that the people have spoken and this president has a mandate by the president. Maybe this jerk has not heard Obama didn’t get a mandate, in fact he won by a very close popular vote election, only the electoral vote gave Obama a wide margin of votes. But this is not a mandate and #Nobama will run rough shot over the 48% of Americans that disagree with him.

What is really funny is more than a dozen of dems found out what is in the “health care bill” they voted for have now decide they don’t want a tax on “medical devices”, but they followed Pelsoi like the drones they are to sneak a bill passed the people in a narrow margin of votes, but I guess this is a mandate too. It has been found that a 2% tax will be a 25% lose in profits and hurt the economy overall. These companies will have to pass the cost off to the people or go out of business, did they think this through?

A dem pundit wanted to say that Belafonte was critical of #Nobama but the record was set straight by Hannity, saying he was critical because he wasn’t radical enough for Belafonte.

Harry Belafonte, also supported a cop killer because he was black, more proof of race baiting in action. This is the radical blacks doing what they can to divide this nation even more. If you think this is going to stop, think again. This is what they want. Racism will not die because they don’t want it to; it makes them money and keeps them in the news.

So MSDNC, you would be proud of your racist network. History will show that you  are not for peace, haters don’t want peace.

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