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Racism and Baraka Obama: Presidential Hypocrite

Obama hates you

Obama hates you

When Treyvon Martin was killed, and the event went public, the President jumped on the scene and said, “If I had a son, he would look like Treyvon Martin” damn near convicting Zimmerman in the press and the black community before there were charges, much less a trial! After the Colorado shootings, the President asked the question, “What if my daughters were in that theater?” baraka was very outspoken with respect and sympathy for the victims of both National tragedies. You could saay he was leading from the front during those times.

We have now had 2 tragedies in the NFL community. The president is extremely quiet on these incidents. In fact, he hasn’t said a word about them. Why would that be? Wouldn’t Jerry Brown look like his son? And what if one of his daughters were in the room with Kasandra M. Perkins? Where is the leader now? He isn’t even leading from behind during these National tragedies! These murders and murderers do not fit in with his racial division agenda. They were black on black crimes, no whites or “white Hispanics” to demonize, so he ignores them. As do the race hustlers that support him, the “reverends” Sharleton and Jackson. Ditto MSDNC and the Dog Whistler himself, “Code Word” Matthews. I guess Larry O’dumbell never dated Ms. Perkins so he has no skin in that game. Maybe ED Shultzie would call her a slut too? Sesame Street hasn’t had a black puppet that was killed by another black puppet, so Marty the Basher cannot relate just yet. Rick Maddow blames Bush. Pun intended. She loves bush and loves saying bush every time she can say bush. Sharleton hasn’t marched on the NFL yet. C’mon now, there are TWO DEAD BLACKS here! At the least, the NBBP should put a bounty on Josh Brent, right?

Ahh, but baraka is the great uniter! I would say that he is “acting stupidly!” (As he did during the Cambridge cop fiasco.) Again, these are National tragedies and he remains silent. How many days till vacation in Hawaii? It was a tough campaign. He will get back to the regular golf schedule after the inauguration. And yes, the bank of China will be paying for this Hawaiian get away too. He has the credit card… Our kids will get the bill.

This post was written by a new friend that I have invited to be an author on this site, I hope he does join up.

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