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Black Dem Congress Woman tells Neil Cavuto on Fox to “SHUT UP”

I will not answer you

I will not answer you

I flipped on Neil Cavuto to see what he had going on, I love his show he is funny and down to earth that just wants the numbers, not the BS.Neil had this democratic woman Eddie Bernise Johnson, (who is from Texas and that is an embarrassment to me since I am from Texas) that refused to answer a question about what would she propose to cut and bring to the table since the GOP had agreed to some tax hikes.


Now Cavuto is seeing red because she would only talk about tax hikes and never once said what the dems would bring to the table. Cavuto asked several times what would you cut and she got frustrated and said “if you will shut up I will tell you”, but she never did. All she would say was “we need to raise taxes”!

Neil ol buddy (we are on first name basis) haven’t you figured it out by now, the dems are not going to cut anything. If the dems were to make one cut that would mean somebody from the government lost a job, and we need more government jobs to stimulate the economy. Not to mention Neil, your on Fox News, and the left hate this network. If you think you were going to get a valid answer then you seen first hand they are not willing to answer you or cut one program.

And Neil, you don’t have to apologize for that woman’s actions or yours, this is the left and who they are. Your still the man and I hope you will press them even harder now…

And yes Neil, I watched your show “Fly me to the Moon”, with my 76 year old mom, we both agree it was very well done.

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