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100K People Leave California and Texas Welcomes New Republican Voters

Texas veto's Obama Care

Texas veto’s Obama Care

100K people leave Cali in a mass exodus, the reason is higher taxes. The average Californian will be paying over 50% in taxes now that Jerry Brown has new tax bill passed.

Dems are rejoicing saying this new tax bill was passed by the people and that is why this will work versus all the other tax hikes that have failed in the past. Cali has passed so many new laws in the past few years they have made it hard for people to live there, so they are moving. Are they doing this on purpose?

It is common knowledge that when a poor area drags down a city, the city will condemn that area, build new houses and price the poor people out of the area, this is a form of economic cleansing. This sounds like what is happening to California, they are forcing the poor out that can’t afford to live there. So is that fair?

California is going broke and prides itself in their humanitarian movements, yet they are the first to restrict people from being able to live there. Dems will pass laws to stop food pantries by Christian organizations or my personal favorite, not able to give the homeless food on the street because they are not sure if it’s say, or meet USDA guidelines. Are you really serious?

So Texas will open it’s gates and accept all clear thinking people from, but don’t expect to bring your liberal views with you, that is what got you in trouble in the first place. Austin has a slogan to “keep Austin weird” with that the liberals have flocked their in groves. The fags have a foothold here and like to promote their way of life, so long as they don’t expect the rest of Texas to live that way were all good. Just keep the conservative point of view and freedom from government oppression.

That is what makes Texas great, we are independent people that want to get rich, and we make no bones about it. We believe in the “right to work” and the UNIONS can go to HELL... That means Obama needs to stay out of Texas because only low information voters are voting for that jackass.


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