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There is no Fiscal Cliff: Nancy Pelosi answers my letter

Trust Me I Know Whats Best For You

Trust Me I Know Whats Best For You

Dear Nancy Pelosi,

Why do you have to have tax hikes problems when everybody knows it’s a spending problem?

When was the last time you went to the store and spent your way out of debt?

What would say this is very simple economic question Mrs. Pelosi?

Mrs. Pelosi. You get a credit card out and charge it.

American: Where did the credit card come from Mrs. Pelosi?

Mrs. Pelosi. Oh that was created by a company that gives your credit (aka. government jobs, social programs and unions), there fore you have access to buy things from other people, the more cards you have the more you can charge.

American: So do people get paid with credit Mr. Mrs. Pelosi:?

Mrs. Pelosi: Well yes my son, that is what we call money, so when you have money you can have more credit. Here is the best part, we print the money so you can have more credit.

American: So your not worried about “falling off the cliff” Mrs. Pelosi:?

Mrs. Pelosi: Oh no my son we also have lawyers so we have to pay ourselves, it’s in our contract. So as long as we spend money we can get credit, you see it’s very simple. That’s why we all need more credit, as long as we give you credit you have money, this is what we call social justice. These programs employee a majority of the people, the more people we have in these programs, the more credit we can give out. The hard part is getting everybody to join the program.

American: Why is it hard to get people to join Mrs. Pelosi?

Mrs. Pelosi: Well you have to take what we will give you, so that means you have to have the same thing as others so it will be fair. Since more people are poor you will have to be poor to, also you have to stay poor. But we have a secrete weapon, we take away the cash so you have to have credit, and to get credit you have to be in our program. So you see it’s not hard?

American: So I am going to be poor Mrs. Pelosi?

Mrs. Pelosi: Well son I am afraid so, that’s fair isn’t it?

American: But Mrs. Pelosi: I thought you were for the poor to help them get out of poverty?

Mrs. Pelosi: Oh dear boy, you think to much… leave the politics to the professionals. You do want credit don’t you?

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