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Dallas Cowboys Josh Brent manslaughters teammate Jerry Brown “Costas Alert”

Brown on left Belcher on right

Cowboys, Josh Brent, kills teammate while drinking and driving early Saturday morning in a fatal car crash killing Jerry Brown. Brent was a nose tackle and Brown, 25 years old, a linebacker for the Cowboys. Irving, Texas, police charged Brent with “intoxication manslaughter” without bond, after the Mercedes flipped on highway 114 early that morning. The car Brent was was driving was speeding when he lost control, then caught on fire after Brent dragged Brown out of the car before the police arrived on the scene. Brent is still waiting to be bonded out of the Irving jail, his high profile attorney spoke to the Dallas media expressing his deep grief about this accident saying “he was like a little brother”.

Brent had been convicted of DWI three years ago in Illinois, while playing during his college days, and had to attend classes to teach him the consequences of drinking and driving.

Will Bob Costas come out and give a half time speech about this case? There wasn’t a gun involved but a car instead. Since Costas is the poster child for advocacy on how to prevent murders he should be on point to lecture the NFL, players and fans how a cars should be banned after all it was the cars fault that Brown died, not the driver.

Josh Brent

Josh Brent

We all know drinking and driving is illegal and can lead to wrecks, even death. So now that another travesty has rocked the football world, Costas needs to tell everyone that has had a beer they should never be allowed to drive, in fact he needs to promote a national program that has a black box in every car that can measure blood alcohol content (BAC), and has to be blown into a box before hand, just so your car will start. Maybe Costas will feel safer is all cars are locked down until you can blow start your car?

Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown

After Costas went on the O’Reilly factor and said he would rather crawl on the floor and take his chances of getting shot in the back instead of having a gun to protect himself in the murders of the Aurora Co. massacre. If he were to get his way nobody would be able to protect themselves from psychos in the movie theater massacre, and that’s what makes him feel safe. But that means you don’t have a choice if you want to protect yourself or family if Costas was in charge.

Drinking is not something that is new, people die all the time in DWI accidents, and it is something that could have been avoided. These guys have plenty of money that could have taken a cab to drive them home. They also have a service they can call to pick them up and drive them home after a night out drinking, but many players refuse this service to avoid bad press.

This is an accident unlike the Jovan Belcher case where he shot his girlfriend 9 times, then killing himself after his drinking binge. But the end results are the same, a person died and the car was not the problem. Just like the gun is not the problem in the Belcher case. These two men made bad choices that loved ones will have to bear the burden of living with forever.

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  1. December 14, 2012 at 6:12 pm

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  2. December 10, 2012 at 2:02 am

    Let’s get all historical here and relate the facts to Bob’s racist liberal ideology. Screw the car. Screw the gun. Screw the alcohol. If the republican party had never freed the slaves, there would be 3 more blacks alive today, right Bob? I mean, that is what you are really trying to say, isn’t it?

    Bob Costas is a hypocrite. He has armed body guards, just like that anti-gun nut “has been” Rosie O’Dumbell. And the outspoken Dianne “I hate guns, except MY GUN” Feinstein and the rest of the liberal left that carry weapons and bazookas while trying to restrict YOUR RIGHT to do so. Why? Absolute power absolutely corrupts those in power.

    Maybe, just maybe, if Belcher were MARRIED before he started procreating, he may have had a different respect for himself, the baby, and ESPECIALLY the mother of the baby! But in his world, that would make him a sell-out. An Uncle Tom. Tony Dungy wrote a great book about this. Maybe more of the black community should read it, if reading isn’t selling out.

    But as Costas said on “O’Really?” the other day… “It’s the gangsta rap culture prevalent in the NFL…” that is to blame as well. How mighty white of you, you tiny little racist man-child.

    OFFICIAL ALERT: The NFL says that drinking/driving/killing your passenger is not an NFL problem. “It is a societal problem.” Yeahhhh, right. It isn’t Brent’s problem. And Brent’s well known and documented alcoholism is not a contributing factor! Society MADE him do it. Idiot liberals and their agenda driven ideology can only feel this way. (Liberals “feel” they are incapable of thinking!) TRANSLATION: The black guys weren’t smart enough to think for themselves and calling the duty driver would stigmatize them AND the NFL stated that they would face repercussions for staying out late and drinking! Double standard? YUP!

    Lawyer up Brent. Take the NFL for all you can. And as free legal advice, were you ever provided counseling by the NFL for your well known and previous alcohol problems? Did the NFL EVER try to intervene? No man is an island. Someone knew. Make them pay.

    And start complaining about the headaches you have been having due to hits in the game. KACHING!

    • December 10, 2012 at 3:13 am

      Oh man that was good I haven’t enjoyed ready somebody’s posting as much as your stuff, I actually laugh when reading this stuff. Keep it up I can’t wait for some libtard to make a comment on what you have to say, It will be a massacre on their little minds and I can sit and watch a train wreck in slow motion.

    • MATT
      December 10, 2012 at 4:18 pm


      • December 10, 2012 at 5:16 pm

        These are the rich that have more dollars then sense. Just think if you or I made a million bucks, don’t you think we could get a cab, hell a limo even that way your wouldn’t be embarrassed going to a club and getting smashed. Now the TABC is investigating if the bartender is at fault for giving this Josh Brent, a drink. Blame others not the one who is at fault, that is how our society has devolved.

  1. December 10, 2012 at 4:11 pm

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