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EPA calls “rain water pollution” and wants to take your house Virginia

Egocentric Punks Agency

The EPA passed 6000 new laws after election

Epa said rain is a pollutant and Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli (R) is fighting back, with a lawsuit.

VDOT can’t comply with all these news regulations that this rouge agency is handing down. Cuccinelli, said this new regulation will  cost millions of dollars to capture storm water that is running into a near by stream from highways, during high rain periods, outside Washington DC.

If this passes you will see other states having to comply with this new rule and force your state to follow suit. Why? It will raise tax money in fines and the cost will be passed onto you, if you don’t lose your home first.

What the EPA wants is for more grass land to absorb this rain water into the earth or detention ponds to collect the runoff, but in order for this to happen you would need massive amount of land to accomplish this. How they plan on forcing the state to comply is force home owners to move, doze their house and plant grass in it’s place.

The Obama administration has thrown down the gauntlet on regulations, the EPA doesn’t have to answer to anyone so they can surreptitiously enact new laws/regulations at will that effect everyone in ways we have not even imagined.

Now 6000 new regulation have been passed and posted on the gov website and before the election was held this agency had 600 new laws that were not disclosed and kept quite for fear this would effect the outcome of the next president, and they were correct.

The GOP needs to walk away from the table and fall off the Fiscal Cliff

The GOP needs to walk away from the table and fall off the Fiscal Cliff

This is a TAX.

Obama has to tax everything to grow government for his entitlement complex revolution.

If people knew about all the laws that were in the pipeline Obama would have lost this election. Obama ran on taxing the rich. We all know wealth re-distribution was his agenda and the mind numb Obama drones followed this socialist leader. How can Obama keep people suppressed, by heavy taxation and regulation.

This country was founded because of religious persecution and taxation. We are seeing this more and more each day. Now more rich people are moving out of the country, movie stars are coming out in protest, while the country is divided and more partisan .

What will it take to make America wake up…. poverty, lack of food, or freedom? You are sitting in a front row seat watching as our kids are set up to pay for these programs.

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  1. Jon Asakura
    February 18, 2013 at 8:14 am

    Most people have some idea of what the term water pollution means. The most obvious definition is anything that makes water unsuitable to drink or negatively impacts the marine life that lives in it. In more scientific terms, water pollutants can be put into a few basic categories.One of the categories, or classes of water pollutants are wastes that enter a water source a deplete it of oxygen. Some compounds naturally bond with oxygen and other wastes foster the growth of bacteria that consume oxygen. When bacteria build up in the water they use up the waters oxygen supply and all other animals that rely on the waters oxygen supply die.^

    Latest write-up provided by our very own blog site

    • February 18, 2013 at 1:38 pm

      Thanks for your generic information a third grader already has a grasp with. Since I am a science major your placating to me is unnecessary. Since you want to talk about water pollution then you would be all for chemical fertilizers that have runoff damage that impact the environment many times that “rain water” that is collected in a bar ditch. Lets see here rain has been collecting since the dawn of time, do you think the government can stop that? Of course not, so how will the EPA react, with regulations aka. TAX it. Lets be clear about this. Rain water will not stop but taxing it will always be the answer if your a liberal.

      Here is the caveat, I don’t hear any major cries by the left on the government run and subsidizes chemical and biology with GMO’s. So where is your battle cry there? I know you can ask Bill Gates, who has personally bought and owns Monsanto, the biggest polluter in the world, so why are you not all over them?

      The left only want to bitch about stupid shit that’s like walking over a dollar to pick up a dime. Also, If you really want to make a point don’t put up a broken link…

  2. December 15, 2012 at 9:04 am

    There is only one way to stop Oscuma. We must take back the Senate in 2014. Something else may happen to stop him but I can not do it.

    • December 15, 2012 at 2:04 pm

      We all have the same thoughts trust me. Watching this country go to welfare status is maddening. Stay tuned things are going to get really shitty before they get better. Hope you will follow this blog, I have a few writers that are going to be guest posting so it will be some good stuff.

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