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Racism will not die for one reason, it makes money for “Race Baiters”

1950 KKK March these were democrats

1950 KKK March these were democrats

Racism has been the biggest topic of the election and it still is a top topic among the black community. Why is it that this never dies out? I know when I was in high school in the 80’s racism was dying out and most people though by the time I would be in my 40’s it would be a non-issue. Yet racism has only grown stronger?

The black community thrives on race baiting using this to motivate hate among the black race and have continued this as a main stream narrative. Why do they teach and promote hate. They blame republicans for racial issues but if they need did some homework, they would figure out it’s not the republicans that were racist.

It had been the dems that always put race in the forefront by forming the KKK and promoting intolerance. All a person has to do is look it up, republicans were the one who voted to abolish slavery Abraham Lincoln was a republican, yet this is not told to the masses. Senator Byrd (D) was a KKK member and this party is suppose to be for minorities. Are you kidding me? Are black people so enslaved to a mind set they are unable to do a little research to find out who is the party of hate, or do they want to stay blind to the facts? Here’s a troubling thought, are certain people making money of “racism”.

The KKK is associated with the south, yet it had very strong ties up north as well, but you don’t hear that either. This pisses me off that blacks actually call a person like Allen West (R) from Florida a Uncle Tom, just for the sake of teaching hate. This man is a hero, and has done more for this country than most others ever will. So when a black person votes republican they are not black enough for people like Jessy Jackson and Al Sharpton, this is pure hate. Yet Sharpton will go on MSNBC and spew caustic, slanderous remarks to sensationalize a story for ratings, this is how he has operated for years hiding under the cloak of “reverend”.

Blacks that teach this think that Obama is on their side, yet he is a mulatto, he is half white remember, even during the election certain blacks were calling his mother “real white” and may not be black enough for them to reflect what they stand for.

History shows that only 5% of the whites that had slaves were rich, the rest of the white people had to work beside blacks, but you don’t hear that. Blacks want to blame the system as “set up for white people”, and all whites have it better than blacks. This is not true. If you don’t work you don’t eat. I don’t care what color you are. Blacks that want to ride the system and get stuff for free, think they are owed by “white people”. Just look at what JoAnn Watson, who wants Obama to “bail them out” and “bring home the bacon” since they voted for him. This is reverse racism.

When blacks stop playing the race card then people can move forward.

Words do not hurt people, in fact the word “redneck” was suppose to be meant as vile epitaph , yet whites took it as a badge of honor and started calling themselves redneck, after a while it was socially accepted as cool to be a redneck. Comedians made millions talking about “you might be a redneck” and it was funny. Now that word was suppose to be slanderous, now its accepted.

Until blacks get off the PC mentality, or your hurting me attitude, it will not be fixed. The word “nigger” does not hurt anyone, it just says your lazy. That is the definition. If your so lazy you cant look up a word, or do some homework, then you will be angry at people that have not done anything to you. That is your call to standup and make your case who you are skin color does not make the man, it’s whats inside that makes a person.

Remember, if you treat others like you wanted to be treated then the world will be better off.

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  1. February 8, 2013 at 8:44 am

    Whatever genuinely stimulated you to publish “Racism will
    not die for one reason, it makes money for Race Baiters DamDems”?
    I reallyreally enjoyed reading it! Regards -Patrick

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