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First Tea Party Meeting: I almost got standing ovation for “spending cuts” speech

Boehner stop banishing us

Boehner stop banishing us your going to get kicked to the curb if you cave to Obama

I went to my first Tea Party meeting yesterday, but they didn’t make it easy to find. The person who sent out the email told me where it was at and time, so that was easy to find, but the room that held the meeting was labeled some name I had never heard of. I went inside and sat down, asked a person if this was the tea party meeting and he said no, it was bla bla. I got up and walked out. I walked to the front desk and asked the person where the meeting was and she said that was the only meeting there. Another lady walked up and was asking about it as well. We both said this must be it and walked in and sat down to listen to what was going on.

The person speaking was showing stats about mortgage taxes and how they rise each year 10%, and when he first bough his house the property tax was less than 5K and within 10 years it was around 14K, at this rate in 30 years it will be around 80K. The big debate was about capping property taxes and stop raising them to a point that is so egregious people are forced to move out of their home because they can’t afford the TAX on them.

So they wanted to show a way to broaden the base by raising taxes on other things that were not taxed now, like milk, haircuts, medicines or other things that you can pay cash for etc… So after showing the well put together power points they took some questions, people wanted to say they agree it sounded good but each person wanted a certain thing NOT to be taxed. This is a why nobody in congress can get anything done, so many people want to tax the other person and not take a hit themselves for self serving greed.

BUT TAXING IS NOT THE PROBLEM, and that is when I was able to speak. Fist I asked who the heck these people were speaking since I have never seen them before or attended, they told me they were representatives in my district. Then I said why is this not labeled a Tea Party Meeting since this is where we are suppose to meet, they told me it was some other meeting and the person in charge didn’t inform us it would be called, bla bla. Fine I said so this is where I got into the meat of the issue. I said “WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT TAXING? IT’S NOT A TAX PROBLEM IT’S A SPENDING PROBLEM. YOU NEED TO GET OFF THIS TAX THIS AND THAT MANTRA AND STOP SPENDING THE MONEY. YOU CAN’T GO INTO WALMART AND SPEND YOUR WAY OUT OF THE STORE, OR HOW ABOUT WATCHING 5 PEOPLE WORKING ON THE STATE ROAD CREW LEANING ON A SHOVEL COLLECTING A PAYCHECK”. You should have heard the people in the room all start cheering  in agreement. The room came alive, when before my eyes were glazing over with stats and boredom. I found the whole reason more people are not voting republican is simple, this is a messaging problem. I know how to turn the Mexican vote our way, because I did it.

All I had to say was simple, are you gay and hate God, then you must be a dem. If not you are a republican. I had people jump of the dems band wagon and run to the GOP!!!

I had to leave before the meeting was over, I have horse training lessons to give to a client. So I got up and handed the lady that was in charge of disseminating Tea Party meeting times and info and started to walk out, the lady that walked in with me wanted a card, and another lady that worked for one of the representatives followed me out in the hall and asked for a card as well. So I emailed them to say I can get this message out. I told them while I was talking I’m a blogger and can get this message out to people since yall can’t.

I guess we will see what happens. I am sick of this TAX TAX TAX, when its SPENDING. The latest report is we are going to be paying a trillion dollars paying the interest on the debt.

Let me repeat that “WE ARE GOING TO BE PAYING TRILLIONS ON SERVICING THE DEBT” not paying the debt off, you do understand this right? We are not going to pay down the debt just keep it from growing as fast as it will be.

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  1. December 8, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    BRAVO!!!!! That is how it is done! Please let me be the first here to welcome those that you gave the contact information to! To address your point, and show you that things can get ugly, I submit this. Money Talks. Bull Shit Walks. baraka focused on MONEY to get re-elected. He scared the layabouts by saying that the republicans will take their “stuff” away. The stupid establishment RINO republicans didn’t get the message out that “If there are no jobs, baraka CANNOT PAY YOU! And baraka is KILLING AMERICAN JOBS!”

    The republicans failed to make the illiterate obamaphone class understand that they are going to LOSE their “stuff” if baraka has his way! Why? As you said, they cannot connect with the little folks! They dropped the ball on the failure of the COLA allowance to sosh security “folks” every year while baraka has been king. Who did the old “folks” vote for? Not the evil republicans!

    Even the Super Rich LIBERALS are learning how they got played! Many recording artists and actors are saying, “Wait a minute, I am worth MILLIONS and you want to tax ME MORE?” As Gomer once said, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!” Some super rich LIBERALS are renouncing their citizenship and moving themselves AND THEIR MONEY…(*ahem*) OVERSEAS to avoid baraka’s confiscation of their wealth! Take that liberals.

    Now, I am confused. The great state of Texas wants to tax y’all down there to be taxed like y’all are Yankees or something to support baraka? RUN!!!!

    It also sounds like you were not at a true TEA Party meeting if that was he agenda and no one else stood up and objected or just walked out. Liberals are trying to infiltrate red states and change the direction of those who attend, as it sounds like they were doing there.


    • December 8, 2012 at 10:46 pm

      I told you I was going down there to shake things up, and my local representative wanted to know my name and his aid chased me down to get my number. I sent them an email already telling them if they want to get more people then email me for a face to face meeting to get some shit going that’s not going to bore people to death.

      I am not the smartest person in the world but i damn sure know how to motivate people, come from a contractors back ground getting men to do a job and do it right the first time. All this BS about being nice is over far as I am concerned. This is war and they need to get their head on straight and tighten up, or else I will be so deep in their ass they will think they are taking a 10 pound shit of barb wire.

      Thanks for the compliment, if I hear anything worth talking about it will be posted and yall WILL be the first to know.

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