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Hurricane Sandy: FEMA refuses to help republican districts says Scott McGraph

FEMA works for me

FEMA works for me

Scott McGraph told Obama he was a liar and not helping them after Hurricane Sandy. He had made a name for himself when he bashed a city council meeting how FEMA wasn’t helping them at all. Scott was on Fox News one month after bashing Obama that FEMA has helped them at all… he said no help has arrived yet. Then Scott made a statement that really stood out to me.

Scott McGraph said he thinks his neighborhood is being ignored because they were in a republican district.

I have written a few articles about how yankes up there voted for Obama and how was that working for them? They wanted big government and voted for it. They wanted a community organizer in chief that has never run a business, not to mention a country. That the only thing Obama has going for him is “tax the rich and wealth redistribution”. This is what Obama stands for and they wanted that. Well now they have exactly what they voted for, but they forgot one simple thing.

Obama is all talk and no action, after all his motto is “leading from behind”.

Now the people like Scott McGraph will have to suffer through a long cold winter, for one reason. They were rebel voters that voted against Obama, now he is going to punish them by not having FEMA help them out. If you are surprised don’t be, this is how government gets even with dissenters. They can blame it on red tape, talk about who is in charge (or lack thereof) and focus helping others that are Obama supporters.

Katrina in 05 people still not back to normal

Katrina in 05 people still not back to normal

I was down to Mississippi after Hurrican Katrina, I seen the FEMA workers running around, taking notes and giving out checks, in fact when Bush was president, he made sure the government got on the ball in a hurry to get some relief to these people. They were slinging out checks so fast it was called corruption of government. Unless yall have forgotten about people buying TVs and junk? The real scam about Katrina was FEMA paid big contractors for the clean up and they stiffed hundreds of workers, or all the trailers that were bought and sitting in a field in Arkansas or East Texas (forgot exactly where now) then the insurance companies wouldn’t pay the claims, that were not flooded in Haddiesburg (2 hours from the coast). These were houses that had tornado damage. It looked like a bomb went off about 40′ in the air, trees were snapped like twigs and they look like they exploded.

State Farm Insurance, was run out of the state for not paying claims. I talked to a native person the other day and the city is still in bad shape, that was in 05.

Does Scott think they are going to get any better treatment? If they are in a GOP district they will never get any help, and don’t expect the insurance companies to help them out either. Not to mention they still have to pay a house note and property tax. They are screwed and Obama knows that, but that is what Obama wants. it’s his goal to make everyone dependent on government.

Government is to big yet people voted for it, Obama is not going to help them, but he will show up for a photo opportunity to make his base feel better.

Scott McGraph will lose his house and have to move, he is fighting a fight he can’t win. All I can say to Scott is move to Texas and vote republican to do what Obama told his voters to do. “Get Even”...

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