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Smoking pot gets more hits than Fiscal Cliff

What a Fiscal Cliff man

What a Fiscal Cliff man

It’s really funny how Americans will pay more attention to Cheech and Chong and smoking pot than the economy, but when I posted an article about Tommy Chong smoking pot with Bill O’Reilly it just shows where people are at. I don’t care about pot, I been saying it should be legalized years ago, but my stupid party (GOP) and state (Texas) acts like its evil and if you smoke a joint you’re going to kill people or start shooting up cocaine. The cops and lawyers are making more money off the people, not to mention the cost of jailing these folks. The money being spent is staggering and you wonder why we are in debt?

I am a Christian conservative republican, and I will not turn my back on this party, but I can prove that more hits on my blog came over pot than any real hard story about the dems, and that is scary to me. The GOP has to wake up and stop bashing how bad pot is and get over it. I love Bill O’Reilly to death and will agree with him on 98% of everything he says, but when he talks about pot the wheels fall off with me and 50% of republicans.

Bill you have the right to bash pot, but people have the right to do or think different from you nor do you have control over that, so get over it. I know plenty of people that have a business and smoke pot all day long or at least in the evening when they get home. We can debate how good or bad it is, but that only creates division among our own party. Nobody has the right to tell another how they should life, or die. We do have the right to interfere if it affects our life, then a line has to be drawn.

If the GOP will not stop this BS about bashing pot while avoiding the real problems like the debt, then we are not going to get any more support from people like me and the younger generation. Is that what this party wants? You can already see the libertarian party picking up speed, and most of what they have to say I can agree with. This just proves that the GOP has a small window that will only get smaller if they stick to this narrative.

Let’s get the country back on track so we can have a good future for our kids and lives, pot is not the problem. If you ask me it’s all the jackass in Congress that have created a mess and we have to wipe their ass. Why do we have to pay for others mistakes that were elected to office and screw this country up. I do hate Obama, which is true, yet when republicans cave into this fascist I have to say they are no better than he is. Stop all the freaking bickering and do your job. If we have to go off the cliff, and I believe we should, then I say we should roll up a joint and smoke some pot and watch the whole thing crash and do a face plant.

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