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JoAnn Watson: Black Community “DEMAND” Bailout from Obama saying “we need some bacon”

Our Lord and Savior Obama, we need some bacon

Our Lord and Savior Obama, we need some bacon

Detroit city council leader JoAnn Watson, (a black woman for the black community) said we need some bacon from this president since they voted for him calling for a federal bailout because they are going broke and can’t pay their pensions. Finally the truth has come out from the black community and municipal unions calling for a pit-pro-quo, in other words you scratch my back and I will scratch yours. Watson went so far to say we should get a bailout that’s why we voted for you Mr. President. So in their mind they deserve the money and will make sure they get something, just hide and watch.

So this has opened the door for other cities asking for cash from this president, they are going to tell him they voted for him so now its time for payback. So how many other black communities are going to demand money, how many cities are going to come out asking for a bailout? This is shocking and disturbing to know it only took a few weeks after the election to start demanding money from Obama if you voted for him.

Does this mean people like Watson, in Detroit are going to get federal money? Who is going to pay for this, the red states of course they are not broke. Of course that is what is going to happen, this is how wealth distribution has to happen. The cities that are broke that can’t pay their bills are going to have to get the cities and states to pay it for them by paying their pensions and other things.

So I hope you like Detroit since you’re going to have to pay for their mistakes, pensions and poor spending habits. Who’s next California, I have wrote many post how this state will go broke and have the federal government bail them out.

That means you and me will have to cover their spending, union pensions and God know what else.

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  1. December 6, 2012 at 6:22 pm

    We lost when Romney won the nomination. He is no conservative and everyone tried to make us believe that lie. He attacked conservatives with more vigor than he did the incumbent. That led to over 3 million real conservatives sitting it out BECAUSE he went for the 20% MODERATE vote, forsaking the conservative base. No more voting for the lesser of the 2 evils. No more establishment pecking order of a “turn” at the Presidency. 2014 will be here soon enough and grass root conservatives need to support TEA Party conservatives. Just look at what tan in can Boehner is doing to REAL conservatives on committees that oppose this mythical “cliff” threat. I for one, am supporting LTC. Allen West for 2016. I hope he runs. He has already been beat down by the left and (*ahem*) vetted.

    These old, crusty, white, blue blood establishment republicans cannot speak to the youth today in their language. They cannot explain to them without charts/graphs and fancy big words what exactly 16+ TRILLION dollars of debt MEANS TO THEM! It means, as Biden said, CHAINS.

    Does any college kid stuck in a liberal indoctrination station called “university” relate to umm, Mitch McConnell? John RINO McCain? Lindsey Grahmnesty? Where are the right wing John Leibowitz’s? Right wing Steven Col-berts? Saturday Night Right Live? I want a right wing CHANNEL with talent enough to poke liberals in the eye as well as lost republicans. Just like the liberal cbs/nbc/abc/msdnc…

    Keep posting. You are doing a great job. The word will spread. It starts as a whisper… You write in a style that a true student, looking for options or tying to make sense of politics, would understand.

    Romney was a really, really, really nice guy. And he is now another “also ran.”

    • December 6, 2012 at 7:07 pm

      Thanks for your comments, your a true American. I started writing out of anger and rage, now I do it for the sake that some people (like you) will read and spread around. All your points are on target and soooo right on. I have already thought about creating a channel to do exactly what your talking about. If you were in Dallas I would partner up with you and somehow make that happen. I want to actually do comedy (satire) about how stupid the libtards are and the dangers of not being able to recognize the inherent dangers of liberalism really is. You should email me directly and lets work on some projects. I am going to my local tea party tomorrow and going to raise hell there and shake things up. I am sick of the GOP rolling over and I even called Boehners office and left him a message not to cave and lets go off the cliff. I am so pissed and have been in a funk after the election but now I am getting mad as hell, Lord knows when I get pissed everyone knows about it. So look out Tea Party I am on my way.
      I am very serious about this comedy deal, if you have ever watch SNL a long time ago Chevy Chase did a skit called Weekend Update, I think they still do it just I dont watch that liberal channel, NBC pissed me off a long time ago. I would like to do something like that that bashes liberals. You would be a perfect fit on this, you seem articulate, intelligent and vocal. That’s a perfect fit for what I want to do.

  2. December 5, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    Thanks for the forum. I truly enjoy skewering liberals with their own words, examples, and their failed agenda driven ideology. For example, Detroit was a booming industry in 1965. That was its peak with automobile production. Soooo, just to be fair, let me ask Joann this: Which gear is your liberal democrat Detroit car stuck in now, in that ditch of yours? It would appear that “D” has failed your constituents MISERABLY. It’s so bad, dear Joann, that the cliff is coming to YOU and there is absolutely nothing you can do to escape the fall! Enjoy the ride! Detroit is stuck in “D.” DELUSIONAL.

    • December 6, 2012 at 2:06 am

      Excellent point, it’s refreshing to hear a sane voice in this insane world. I do hope you will follow my blog I need more people like you to help get the word out. Please sign up and ask your friends too as well.

  3. December 5, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    Wait a cotton pickin’ minute. All Joann needs to do is RAISE TAXES on da rich! And double the taxes on the Detroit millionaires and billionaires! Dem rich “folks” need to get skin in the game! Pay their fair share! Then, they need to get rid of all of the republicans that have been screwing that city over for YEARS! Wait, the mayor has been a democrat going back to 1962? How can they be needing a cash infusion then? And Rod took over in 2003 as governor. Where is he now? Hmmm.Looks like the democrats got themselves in a pickle! A utopian democrat, broke down pickle!

    Charity begins at home. You Built That home. Now live in it. And eat your peas!

    • December 5, 2012 at 7:30 pm

      It’s true, the last republican elected there was in the early 60’s and they were in a boom in 65 or 67, not sure exactly. Now they have been under dem control for 50 years and they are so broke they can’t pay their bills, and want the rest of America to pay for their BS pensions and salary’s. This is why Texas is gaining so many new people each day for one reason, we don’t want big government.

      Thanks for your comments, it was very astute…hope you follow my blog an pass around. We need more people with like minds to get organized.

      • December 5, 2012 at 8:31 pm

        So, the government needs to subsidize government to create more government just to keep it “solvent”, huh? How exactly does that add up in the private sector, where THIS administration does nothing but punish or destroy wealth creation and demonize producers?

        I truly am stuck in the Twilight Zone! And Atlas Shrugged.

      • December 6, 2012 at 2:08 am

        I am stuck in a funk to be honest, I worked the polls and was very excited after working eleven hours only to find it was in vain. I have lost respect for Americans, at least 51% of them..

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