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Sunday Morning Talk Shows: Arrogant Geithner & Grover Norquist Attacked

It's my way or the highway

Geithner- It’s my way or the highway

The Sunday talk circuit was all a buzz about the “Fiscal Cliff”. John Boehner said “we are going to deal with spending” as his mantra on Fox Sunday Morning with Chis Wallace. He also said that Obama’s plan presented by Timothy Geithner was laughable and not “a serious plan”. What the president has proposed thought his mouth piece Geithner, is raising taxes up over 1.2 trillion, 2x more than what was said in his stump speeches, and the spending was much more than any spending cuts proposed.

This is not including the ultimate power grab to make the congress give up power on raising the debt level that has no accountability to anyone and controlled by the government forever… This will take away the power of elected officials in congress.You see how well government is working on “Hurricane Sandy” and the people like Scott telling Obama “he was a liar”, and FEMA was a joke.

I say we should go off the cliff and let the plan that Obama signed into law for all “HIS” tax cuts to hit, follow through. This is not the GOP’s plan, this was designed by Obama to force a no win scenario on conservatives, non-union workers, free markets, and that is the purpose. So let it all kick action and Obama can own this economy.  The spending plan with Obama is:
150 billion on public works projects – subsidize more green project
30 billion on unemployment benefits – secure the vote for the future
400 billion on specified and unspecified welfare entitlements – increase debt
Extend 99 weeks of unemployed benefits – passing the buck to our kids
Raise tax rates to 39.6% on the rich – that should cut new job hiring by millions

Did I mention, the last time Obama put a budget on the table two years ago, it was defeated, voted down 99 – 1 by republicans and democrats.

With 70K baby boomers retiring each week, and younger people are not having kids, we have to get serious about spending. Raising taxes will be spent by government and not applied to the debt, and it will hurt new jobs and business. If growth is hampered how can you expect more revenue? The government can’t raise revenue it spends, with half the country working in the public sector you already have a unsustainable plan for growth. Only the privet sector can raise revenue so the government can run and hand out to the poor.

Now the GOP has to stand for it’s principles, just because we lost the election we can stand for what is right and still be proud. Everyone with a sound mind will tell you there is not way you can spend your way out of debt, that is a oxymoron, talk about the math not adding up, Mr. Fearless “ol blood and guts” POTUS. Our blood and his guts.

David Gregory was smoked by Newt Gingrich

David Gregory was smoked by Newt Gingrich

My personal favorite take was how Meet the Press, with David Gregory, had his “hit man” on Jim Cramer, of Mad Money, vehemently oppose Grover Norquist, live on that Sunday show to debase his “Tax Pledge” that republicans ran on, and won their districts to be voted back into majority of the Congress. Gregory repeated several times, asking Norquist if “his pledge” was dead, reinforcing his agenda that tax hicks have to be on the table. Cramer is not only annoying, snarky, and stale, if you listen to his show about picking stocks, you would wind up a loser and he went off the air. Gregory had his attack show beat down Norquest, with 3-1 liberal democrats with his direction hard left. George Stephanopolos, was using his base to make sure the narrative of tax hicks must be on the table. It was basically an even split among commentators, with his direction based left.

This proves that POTUS hauled ass out of town and leaves his “plan” out on the table without any concession on the table. Obama does not want a compromise he wants to fall off the cliff, that way he wins both ways.

Obama can blame the GOP for it falling off the cliff, and he gets all the tax hick he already agreed to. Crushing this economy this will guaranteed everyone will have to rely on the government and the American people will give up their freedom by attrition.

Why do you think POTUS is not worried if this all works out? All the tax hicks are going to get raised to expand government, unions are going to get stronger as they work to increase forced unions; the biggest fear is changing the laws surreptitiously to read all states will have to have unions shops and end “right to work”. Obama doesn’t have to worry about running out of money, food stamps are money now, after all you can buy drugs, alcohol, sex, food, medicine and whatever you can trade them for, So the poor will get what is fair.

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