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Hurrican Sandy Victims You Voted for Obama hows that working for you?

Scott McGrath told Obama he was giving them the middle finger. So how is is that working for you folks now that Obama came for the photo ops with Governor Cuamo. They said that they are here for you, but where are they now, they are sitting at home sipping on a glass of wine in a warm house while you wonder where your going to sleep tonight. Obama is on the road to jinn up people to vote for his tax hike and your suppose to be all for it. Yall were so happy when Obama flew out and hugged a few people, he told everyone it’s going to be just fine and this is his number one agenda to get you taken care of. Well that was laughable when I heard it but yall though he is here for you. Now Obama is gone and your holding the bag.

This is big government hard at work, taking peoples tax money, and for what? All they do is pad their fat wallet and collecting a pension check. I guess all you yankee’s sat around when Katrina hit and said oh look at these poor people and went about your life, well now the tide has turned and your up shit creek without a paddle. I can’t feel bad for you people for one reason.

YOU VOTED FOR OBAMA… and were so happy you won!!! Now you get to own this, just remember elections have consequences…

I hate to see people suffer but you people have to look at it like us southerns do. We don’t want to depend on the government and you do.If you were to tell the government to kiss off and be self reliant on a state/city level you would have more control of what happens to you and your city, but you would rather let the government coddle you and now your at the mercy of “big brother” so how does that feel? You have a faceless bureaucratic official making decisions for you without regards of your specific needs.

Hey you also told an electrical crew that drove up from the south to go home because they were not union…. Are you freaking kidding me, you idiots told people that drove hundreds of miles up there to help “YOU” then told to go home, do you know that even happened? I’m sure some of you don’t because the liberal lame stream media will not report that, but I heard about it in Dallas Texas, and we here in the south think your idiots for not paying attention to your own fellow people (UNIONS) are doing to you.

So what does that say about your state? You held unions in such high regard even if it hurts your neighbor and yourself. That is stupid shit there and you know it, maybe you can ask Trumpka to let you room with him. As far as the rest of America wanting to help you, that brings serious debate to why should we, after all you live on a beach, or island that will flood again. Why should other people pay for you living in an area that is prone to flooding, to be honest we shouldn’t pay for that now or ever. Here is the really bad part for yall, the banks still hold you responsible for the home loans that you will never repay. This means yall are going to file for bankruptcy real soon, but just go ask Obama to help you out. After all this is his top priority, he said so on TV and that’s good enough right?

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  1. Questionman
    December 13, 2012 at 12:37 am

    I’m trying to get this straight. Are most of you guys saying Obama should be santa and help her? Or is it that you believe he never had any intention of coming to her rescue, he just wanted to look as if he was a savior of all in need? What does this woman want, a blank check to buy a new marina, car, boats ect…? My god man!! Where is her disaster insurance?
    you live and build on the ocean, you protect your investment. Hey, i’m going to build a house on the beach in Galveston. And i expect you taxpayers to rebuild it if another Hurricane Ike comes to call. What a freakin deal!! Did President Obama have the guts to ask her if she was covered by insurance. Hell no!!

    I’m getting sick and tired of you asshole insulting the American people for activing their right to vote for whoever they want and using every waking opportunity to make EVERY make bad in America happening Obama’s fault!

    This woman is a private business owner. She should have taken responsibility for her situation and bought flood insurance, but instead she banked the unpaid premiums. Now when a flood occurs, she wants the government to bail her out. Why are any of you taking her side? Is it just because you can criticize the President? What would you say about a President who provided help outside of established and lawful procedures? As it is, he can only offer the help she qualifies for, and apparently because she took the risk of going without flood insurance, she doesn’t qualify for much beyond the low interest rate loan which in fact Obama’s government offered her.

    You racists really ARE dumb!

    If he were a pathological liar, I hate to see what the Republicans are called.
    Liar – Bush did better by far.
    No lie every time, just truth, its the Republicans that turn it into a lie by doing nothing.
    Not evil when he is helping America, not just taking away

    No. The truth has come out, and not the lie as Romney would have created.
    Now how many lies have you told today?

    • December 13, 2012 at 12:41 am

      Are you on your meds or do you need some?

  2. December 5, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    Truth be told, Staten Island went for McCain at around 52% in 2008. The reason why Staten Island is suffering now is simple. Barry brings a gun to a knife fight, to punish his enemies, as revenge for not voting for him. And to quote his legions, sometimes, you need to get a little bloody in the streets….

    Staten Island is paying the price for democracy. For freedom. For voting. Everything the me-ssiah abhors.

    • December 6, 2012 at 2:09 am

      I just have to say you get what you voted for.

      • December 6, 2012 at 10:23 pm

        That wasn’t meant as a negative comment. Not ALL East coast and left coasters are drinking the kool aid. We are the voters who have a job or two to survive and we are getting screwed royally. My vote only counts locally and that is where I focus because it is where I can actually have influence.

        My point was that even in blue states, if your county went red, Soetoro will bleed you slowly and quietly as the media fawns over him. Staten Island went red in Baraka’s first go round. And he is making them pay. Dearly. He refused Texas federal funding when the state was burning to the ground, right?

        26 Counties in Texas went for the one. Romney didn’t get one Massatwoshitts county! And he gave us Romneycare! We conservatives here are more familiar with him and his liberal tendencies. He did advocate providing CARS for welfare recipients because he thought they would use it to get a job! He allowed the supreme court to legislate homosexual marriage, and he signed it into law, usurping OUR RIGHT to vote. We may have lost, but the supreme’s wouldn’t dare take that chance.

      • December 7, 2012 at 1:01 am

        I know your not in the mix of the dems, trust me. I just want to fire up these jackass that are not aware as you are. I am glad your on our side.

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