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Dallas the Fastest Growing City in America v. Stagnent New York

Dallas fastest growing city in America

Dallas – The fastest growing city in America

I was watching Fox Business News and listening to Imus in the morning. He has two guys that are comedians on the show, one a fat white guy and the other a fat black dude. The black guy had skit that was a parody of the racist nigger, Jessie Jackson debasing Texas. He was talking about how Texans wanted to succeed form the union and how stupid we are. Well let me tell you something, Mr. Nigger dickhead whatever your name is. We don’t care what you say about Texas or Don Imus says, yall can both stay up there in Yankee land and enjoy high taxes and Governor Homo, I mean Cuomo, who want to confiscate your guns.

Texas - Love it or Leave itTexas - Love it or Leave it

Texas – Love it or Leave it

Texas has been talking about succession ever since I have been alive, and that is at least 47 years that I know of. We don’t like you Yankees telling us what to do and how to live. When you have your shit together maybe you can be independent like we are down here. You see Mr. Yankee, we don’t like big brother in our business like you do.


So how’s FEMA working out for you folks now from Hurricane Sandy? Don’t bitch about the abject failure of the government dragging it’s ass like a paraplegic dog, hell you dipshits voted for bigger government when you voted for #Nobama. The sad part we all knew in the south #Nobama was going to hurt the country but you liberal idiots wanted to voted for higher taxes, bigger government, and less freedom. Do bitch, you Yankee assholes you voted for it. So now you get what you deserve.

Dallas is the number one fastest growing city in America, Austin is number two. More people are moving to Texas faster than you can fill out a food stamp form. Texans are deeply rooted in self reliance and independent, we believe we can do it for our self and better than some bureaucratic jackass sitting hundreds of miles away. As for how dumb you think we are. Have you ever heard of Houston? Maybe you have heard of NASA or JPL, and if so, have you ever heard the space shuttle call out New York we have a problem? NO dipshit, what do they say “Houston we have a problem”.

As for being a cowboy fan, have you heard of Tom Landry, Rodger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, Randy White, Troy Aikman, or Emmit Smith.  How about us winning 5 super bowl titles and many championships. Let’s see you have the Giants and Jets, ok how many players came from Texas? I know Michael Strahan is from Houston. Us native Dallasits will boo the cowboys faster than you can pay your union dues when they screw up cause failure is not acceptable in our state. It’s OK if you fall off in a ditch but to lay down and accept defeat and lay down not getting back up, that is not OK.

We stand up for our rights and will tell you to go to hell if you violate them.

So we don’t need you Yankees tending to our business or telling us what to do, yall need to worry about how your going to pay your unfunded pensions and liabilities to the unions. Since you’re going broke faster than California (that’s hard to do) maybe the best thing you can do is raise your taxes so more people will run out of the state fast as they can; oh guess where they are moving to?

Texas dumbass…

As for intelligence, Texas has more colleges in this state than you have welfare lines. As for business we have more offshore and on shore business than you have public union jobs. We have more coast line than you have lying politicians.

We can be self sustainable and never have to leave the state for anything.

Why do we want to succeed?

To get away from idiots like you.

I like to listen to Imus in the mornings; but when he has a racist black dickhead nigger on the show talking about Texans then Imus can take his liberal old crusty ass back to New York and stay there so he can rub elbows with those liberal faggot loving assholes.

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