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Katy Perry (who was for Obama) and Seventeen Governers turn on Obama bigtime

I don't know why I am voting for Obama but it's so cool

I’m Katy Perry and I approve this message.

Now I just found out that certain rock stars that supported Obama during his campaign are turning on him. Why? Well come to find out these idiots just figured out that they are going to lose their hard earned money as the government takes it from them. I am not sure about the specifics on this but at least 5 stars like Katy Perry (I have never heard of her) are actually joining the GOP and Grover Norquest, this is the slow tide that is turning as people figure out that all that money they made is going out the door.

It’s a little too late for the jerks to come out and say they were wrong, they knew what they were doing and were in it for their own career. So how’s that working for you now? You wanted to be on the team that takes money from the rich and guess what, that is you… What a bunch of dumbasses…

Texas veto's Obama Care

Texas veto’s Obama Care

Another blow to Obama’s plan to force his health care down the people’s throat just hit a stumbling block. Seventeen states that are run by republican governors, refuse to set up a state exchange it was too risky and expensive. In the first year the federal government picks up the tab but after that the state itself will have to pay for it costing 20-40 million a year depending on what state you live in.

Texas has vowed not to accept Obama care and the feds can set it up and run it all they want. That way when it loses money then the state will not be on the hook, just the American people.

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