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Racist Liberals Practice “Reverse-Racism” and Lie to Media for Ratings

Lindsey Stone a Scold and Racist Pig

Lindsey Stone a Scold and Racist Pig

The liberal media has bashed conservatives but the dems have taken it to a new level. Now it is acceptable to lie and slander the GOP and conservatives, so they can keep gaining stature among their base.This is what I like to call reverse-racism, where blacks can practice racism and still claim it whitty’s fault.

This is why I hate democrats and what they stand for, which is nothing but bullshit.

I really like it when a dem is called a liberal in a loathing way, and they act like they are not that type of person, yet they stand behind that party plus what they stand for. If you voted for Obama then you are for gays, hate God, Christmas, want higher taxes, less freedom, and marriage not being between a man and women. Yet dems want to distance these things from a conversation, but that is who they are behind or what they stand for.

Now the dichotomy of the democratic party is suppose to be so accepting/inclusive yet the party is the most caustic, racist, bitter, lying, angry, and self deprecating stemming from republicans, that have ever walked the earth. All their problems are from the GOP, it is people like me that make them feel so bad about their own lives they can’t function, actually they don’t need my help, they can have a shitty life all by themselves without me doing anything.

It must be a very lousy life to be a gay, God hating, anti Christmas, tax loving person that must hate life and maybe kids? I would hate to grow up in a house like that, maybe that is why so many don’t have kids. After all kids bring joy into you life and they don’t have any room for something like that.

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