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Jill Stein wants a WEALTH TAX passed all in the name of “FAIRNESS”

Jill Stein of the Green Party wants to pass a Wealth Tax. The left want to have this passed ASAP while Obama is in office to make things “FAIR”,  just weeks after the election.

Marc Lamont, of the Huffington Post, wants to have 1% of your wealth taxed, so people will be taxed on the property and possessions you own. Lamont wants a person (aka a government employee) to access your house by having some person asses your assets.

So you want a person to list all my stuff and tax it Mr. Lamont. YOU CAN GO TO HELL…

Sorry Marc, the constitution will not allow privet seizure of property from the government, so you are dead wrong on this, and so are all your liberal jackass friends.

Time magazine has come out with an article asking about taking your 401K and redistributing this now, there is no stopping how deleterious this narrative is going to be. We are living in the scariest time ever, as the government inculcates the narrative they can take your money all in the name of “fairness”.

This is what this country has come to, the poor, minority and single women are helpless and need rich people’s money and the government so they can live, and they don’t have to work for it just sit around on the dole with their hand out. As we move towards a socialist society, we are going to see how this narrative will play more into the politics of today’s way of life.

So when the janitor can make as much as your doctor then where is the incentive to get a medical license and be a doctor?

We are witnessing a dramatic change in our culture where being rich is a curse and you are not to aspire to be wealthy. What happened to wanting to be rich and when did mediocrity become the way of life?

So what happens when the government gets all this tax money where will it go?

Did you know that money has already been spent? That is the scary part…

The Wealth Tax is on the way, and it has started to come out, yet the lame stream media will not report this narrative…

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