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How the EPA was started by Executive Order

The EPA will fix all our problems trust me

In 1968, Nixon started this agency (EPA) by Executive Order, a non-elected group of officials to protect the people. Some good things were done, such as DDT (a pesticide) from being sprayed in public forums started a new trend on how to stop or regulate business with new policies and control them. Once they had been granted power they welded their sweeping legal rights to legislate new laws without congressional approval. The EPA didn’t know what power they had until the first major test arrived, that was when it was discovered how this agency can change the political landscape by altering how and where people can live. In Missouri, a small town was evacuated under the threat of containment but was later found it was not a harmful chemical at all, in fact that town is now a state park. The head of the EPA later said he “may” have overreacted in his assessment of the situation; but not after many homeowners had been uprooted from their own house and land.

Even Regan had a problem with the EPA ‘s department while under his watch. This later proceeded to a term called “Sweet Heart Suits” which the federal government was suing land owners and business; this was all generated by our green activist so called watchdogs. This further created more wealth for this agency, while it hampered Americans from using their land they owned. Now the EPA has the power to create new laws, to sue or regulate to promote this agenda and subsidies these “green groups” so they can sue other land owners today. The EPA went so far as to create new laws to regulate the lead in bullets used by hunters, they would have been successful had the NRA not stepped in and sued the EPA for stomping on the rights of hunters. Naturally the cost is passed onto the consumer that is in place today.

President Obama and “HIS” EPA’s war against Oil and Gas.

When the head of the EPA in Division 6 was going to “crucify” the oil and gas companies were held in contempt of new laws citing “environmental dangers”, it went viral and caused a huge uproar in conservative circles. Even after another video was edited by Ellisa Rich (an anti-fracking activist) sent a copy to the EPA that started another huge case in Texas. This video was found by a district Judge to be fraudulent and dismissed the EPA’s case against a small Texas oil company, after months passed, the EPA swept the matter under the rug like it never happened; but not after costing this particular oil company huge legal fees and lost production.

Now the green jobs had set in motion by Obama, he used his policies to stop the Oil Pipeline from Canada to Texas and called it “Environmental Justice”. He used “his” EPA to stop this huge project in favor of his green agenda. Then this administration stopped all offshore oil production citing a study (they doctored up) in their favor to enact these policies. After it was discovered the prevarications they proposed were false, but not until it had been long after the damage had been done to the oil companies in the form of lost revenues, not to mention all the jobs. Yet once again this cost has been passed onto the consumer.

Sustainability “word of the day” was created in a formula that wrapped anti-colonialism and social justice into a pie chart, that had a sweet-spot called Sustainability. Now Universities use this to brainwash students and this is still ongoing today. California has enacted so many new EPA laws and mandated that 30% of all their energy must be green. Today gas is over $5.50 per gallon in this state (the highest ever recorded) and they are going to suffer more tough time. All new houses must be built with a certain amount dedicated to use green energy, this will drive up the cost to the builders, and passed onto consumers.

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