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The Washington Post – Professional Racist or Journalistic Malpractice?

Only left wing fruit-loops need apply here

The Washington Post is practicing professional racism, journalistic malpractice and will blame anyone who stands in their way. After Bill O’Reilly, made a prediction that people making under 30K per year are breaking for Obama on the night of the election, the apoplectic Washington Post called him racist. So if you don’t agree with this paper your a racist?

That is reverse-racism in the highest form….

Now that Susan Rice, is being questioned over her gross prevarications to the American people when Rice, came out on 5 Sunday morning talk shows blaming the Benghazi attack on a youtube video. The Post once again wrote a piece saying only white, male, southerns are questioning her ability and her potential nomination to become Secretary of State. Not that a “public employee” that works for you and I, lied about the truth. Rice claims she was doing what she was told to do, but since we are paying this person, we are expecting the truth. Not the Obama talking points so she can take one for the team.

This slanderous charge needs to be addressed.

The Washington Post has become a radical left wing newspaper, so they can pander to their base. Now we see the left doing what they know, and that is blaming people, while ignoring the issues at hand. This is what we can expect for the next four years, or maybe this is how they will run their campaigns forever. When all you can do is cry “racism” or “fairness” we will not move forward as a nation and I feel that is what they want. After all, if the nation were not infighting over stupid crap these liberal dems do not have a case to champion to their base. All we hear about now is how the GOP wants to take away everything from the poor, only for big business, and hate immigrants.

The fact is the GOP wants everyone to succeed, less government, less taxes, and more personal freedom. So what is UN-American about that?

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