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Jamie Foxx calls Obama “Our Lord and Savior”

I said Obama is “Our Lord and Savior”

This should make black christian pastors furious, how Jamie Foxx said that Obama is “GOD and Our Lord and Savior” at the Soul Train convention.

I have heard it all now. This is another Hollywood liberal democratic that lost his morals and put his party over the nation. Not like we have not seen this before we have people like Jon Stewart, Ben Aflack, George Clooney, or Alec Baldwin, who have gained their wealth on the backs of the middle class and big business.

Has Jamie Foxx, not listened to his brothers of the cloth (PASTORS) that this president has went against GOD by voting “FOR ABORTION OR GAY RIGHTS”? Maybe Foxx needs to go back to his roots in Terrell Texas, and visit his homies around there, since it’s just thirty miles east of Dallas. I know blacks are going to cling together, they proved they are a “monolithic voting block” without regard to policy over politics.

It is why I feel that race will be divided even further now.

As a white person I don’t vote for who is the whitest, I have to vote for a person who has the best policy, but that does not apply to blacks. When you do see a black person vote against the dems they are castigated, debased, and slandered in public. This brings more antipathy towards white people from the black community, by in large.

I read a piece the other day that was a rude awaking. It shown that whites, especially women, were attacked by ethnic groups more than they will attack their own race group, by a very large margin, like 80%. Why is that? Why do black men want a white women? Why are they vile towards women in general, and why do white women flock towards this behavior, and vote for a black person? This is a sick society that has lost it’s moral compass, yet when people listen to “gangster rap” and want to be like a nigger, they love it; in fact, a white guys who acts black is called a “‘wigger” that is a white nigger.

Now we are suppose to embrace a racist, like Jamie Foxx who calls Obama “Our Lord and Savior”.

Sorry I don’t subscribe to that point of view and Foxx will have to answer to GOD one day, and that day will not come soon enough.

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  1. RW Stoufus
    November 27, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    Great points but you need to either learn to speak and write or get somebody to proof-read before you post.

    • November 27, 2012 at 7:18 pm

      I know how to speak and I don’t ask people to proof my stuff. I write fast and sometimes it’s not grammatically correct…. but you get the point and that is what counts. To bad you had to discount a compliment with a but… that took away anything good you had to say.

  2. gary Maciejewski
    November 27, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    Jamie Fox is an idiot!! As long as voters, black, white, yellow, or brown, blindly follow a person because of skin color, they will be extremely disappointed! If obama is god, why doesn’t he whip up a miracle and end black poverty forever? Why doesn’t he whip up another miracle to end the 70% unwed mother epidemic? Why doesn’t he whip up a mircale that ends 50% dropout rate for black youths? How anout drug use? Crime? As long as blacks pay more attention to idiots like Foxx, they will forever be in chains, like our brilliant vice president biden has said!!

    • November 27, 2012 at 1:19 pm

      Well said you are right on target.

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