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Fairness Exposed – How to change the narrative

We are all racist get over it

All we hear about today is “fairness” and the few have more than the many. This is true, yet we have certain things that also contribute to the mess we are in. Do I think that cronyism has played a deep part in our culture today, of course it has. Do the elite rich have it better than the rest of us, of course they do. Is this fair, NO. How do we change things so that we can all be happy? That is the fight Washington has to debate and concede that the rules are skewed, but we also have to look at the system that is in place as well. This is directly correlated with values the American people have today as well.

We live in a litigious society that feels that certain minority groups have been oppressed, that you can sue people to get your rewards in life either by hook or crook. That we are entitled to certain things in life whether it’s deserved or not. We live in a “I want it now” society and it should be “given” to us”. What we don’t accept is personal responsibility for our actions or have compassion to do the “right thing” in life towards others.

So what is fair? Is it fair that public unions have more pay and benefits than the privet sector? Is it fair the unions have more rights than the person or people who started the business? Is it fair that we use the “race card” to keep a narrative alive that promotes minorities above others just for the sake of setting the record of a stigma straight? Is ti fair we allow millions of “illegals” to get amnesty and citizenship before all others that have, and are, still waiting in line to do it legally? Is it fair that we use a legal system to debase, sue, or destroy others and business? Is it fair that greed has exceeded the morals of a society. Is it fair that compassion is only for certain people who hold these values, while others can dismiss it for personal or non-religious reasons? Is it fair that a government can tell us one thing while doing the exact opposite?

Racism still is the so called “elephant in the room”.

As history has taught most of us 90% of white Americans didn’t own a slave, only the rich has slaves. But you don’t hear that in the lame stream media. In fact, 90% of whites were poor as dirt and worked as share croppers along side blacks. Was there racism among whites, yes, but the same holds true among blacks as well. That is why you hear blacks cry racism all day long, yet only educated blacks understand that is a false narrative, but blacks are getting the Mexicans to cry the same battle cry today. Let’s face it, we are all racist and that will never die. If you need more proof just check the polling numbers of the last election as 92% of blacks voted for Obama just because he is black, that is racist!

WE judge people and we are all guilty of this, no matter what color you are people hate people even in their own race, this is just human nature.

How do we solve this problem? WE need to put morals before politics. If we don’t have compassion for what is right instead of who is right, we are not going to solve this problem. When a civilization declines so do the morals, trust, helpfulness, and compassion.  Is that fair?

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