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63% of College Students “Think Our Country IS Lost Forever after Election”

A new survey came out today asking college students if our country has been forever changed and 63% of graduates agreed it has. Is that a bad thing?

Well let’s compare when I grew up and graduated in 1985 from high school. People were friendlier, cops were more helpful, crime was limited to really bad people, morals were set at a higher standard, people were more independent, TV shows were not grotesquely violent, video games and cell phone were unheard of, and computers were not invented for home use yet. College was expensive even then, but jobs were everywhere.

Fast forward to today and lets see how it compares. People are all about themselves, just look at how some updates their social statues every few minutes talking about stupid crap. In my days of growing up if we were busted drinking beer out at the lake, the cops would make you pour out your beer and follow you home to make sure you make it home ok, now cops will toss your ass in jail, and collect a fine for their efforts. Crime now comes in all forms from white collar to illegal immigrants killing for a few bucks. The morals of today are non-existent, all you have to do is watch programs of today or go to the movies and you will see violence and sex in G-Rated shows. Today everyone wants something for FREE, entitlements are all around; from student grants, food stamps/welfare, healthcare, amnesty, and now subsidies in all forms that are listed on the government website. Dependence has overtaken independence and the word “fair” has replaced “freedom”. Now all the new technology has replaced social gatherings leaving in it’s wake a more impersonal world. Instead of picking up a phone and calling we just text, or write something on facebook and let everyone know our business. Now college cost 3 times as much and their are very few jobs today.

Some psychologist blame the new crime rates on social media in a way, according to them we are disconnecting from the human factor and clinging to the cold world of text or social media to interact with others.  Cops are turning on friends and family to serve a immoral government and it’s causes over the people, just take the cases of people tossed in jail for acts that are not criminal but they have control issues that demand respect or you are punished. Now we even have our own government going to censor the internet, fly drones over farm lands to spy on land owners, and now DHS want’s to buy hundreds more over the next few years. Conspiracies are all around us now, they may have been there before we just were not aware of them like we are now.

The worst is yet to come, the government lies to us with new laws they have no clue how to enforce or even read the bills that were passed (aka health care bill) so they are experimenting on the people to see how to make it work for them. Obama had a law passed that nobody in government will use, they have their own health care that far exceeds what we-the-people get. Congress passes more laws each day that tax us more each day with increased restrictions usurping freedom.

So just with these few things that are going to happen, you will have to pay more taxes, have less freedom, forgo your education for higher pay, and accept that fairness will hurt more people than help. We have lost the old way of life, and my generation sat around drinking beer and smoking pot thinking out leaders will not let this happen, all the while they were behind this new world order. Now Generation X has to wake up and take a stand for our kids, parents and Generation Y. If we don’t start telling people what we had they will never know what they lost, we had a good thing going. What we needed was higher morals for all leaders in public and privet sectors, yet greed has ruined it for all of us. All you have to do is watch the news and see how ponzie schemes, insurance companies, government officials are all corrupt.

This is not what were are about as a nation, we should all help edifying others not persecuting them. I fear that my kids will not even know what is it like to write cursive, in fact I went back to college and everyone told me how pretty my handwriting is, and I am a guy. I can write very ledgeable, what shocks me is how poorly younger people write today, it’s really bad. Now I hear cursive is not even taught today… now that is sad. In fact computers are going to be able to just be spoken into, so typing will even be on the wane. Today’s language has so much slang mixed in there is a divergence of culture slowly separating parts of the nation, even among states and cities. This dichotomy will wax, not wane, and people will cling to groups tighter to maintain a culture that slowly erodes and morphs into a mixing bowl of culture clash.

As we progress into this new era, we will see how tawpie college graduates avariciously fight for jobs that don’t pay very well, or even pertain to their degree. Our country is lost and will have a hard time (if ever) getting back to what I knew as a kid, so I have to agree with the 63% of students, we have lost our nation.

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