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Black Friday is a Negative Sign for Economy

Black Friday we protest business – Black Friday we celebrate business

They hype of Black Friday has arrived and today many shoppers are out fighting the crowds in search of the good deals, but “black friday” may actually reflect how weak the economy is getting. As shoppers camp out to save ten bucks does this give you any reflection how weak the economy is? Don’t get me wrong I’m all for saving some money any time I can but having to spend hours in line is ludicrous.

Now pundits are saying this savings is actually hurting investors pockets that will be passed down to the consumer eventually. The theory is this, as more shoppers save more cash, the bottom line on the stores are less, therefore they lose more money. Some are actually saying some “stores will close and go out of business” from the losses that are coming. Now “Labor Unions” are wanting to make stores like Walmart a forced union business, even in “right to work states”, and this will drive up the price across the board. As we have already seen Hostess go out of business from unions unwillingness to compromise at all, Hostess shut down and closed it’s doors and have started selling off parts of its business. This puts around 18K workers sitting at home or in the welfare line for Christmas, and of those people we all have to pay for in welfare social programs. Why do we have to pay these people for not working, they choose this therefore they should live by their choice without the rest of America having to pay for their stupidity.

After all most stores will tell you they are in the red (not profitable) until the holidays arrive and shoppers start spending money. They actually don’t show a profit (or in the black) until after Halloween, now that is scary; this is how Black Friday got it’s name.

Here is the rub of the whole deal. If people were making more money they wouldn’t worry about saving a few dollars, unlike today where the few bucks they save, may be the difference between gas or food. Shoppers are doing what they can to provide a happy holiday for the families, yet the stress is getting worse each year.

Now you see how stores are cracking down on returning items and this really hurts the business’ plus store theft is going to get tougher as well. These stores are bleeding and all the sales they have to do only hurt the profit of the business, which in turn hurts the economy.

Only after all the numbers come in after all the holidays sales return will we know if Black Friday was a positive sign for the economy.

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